RailTel invites tender for the work of OFC shifting in ADI-PNU & ABD-SAU section in lieu of ROB work under DFCCIL project

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RailTel Corporation of India has invited tenders for OFC shifting in ADI – PNU & ABD-SAU section in lieu of ROB work over various LC Gates- under DFCCIL project.

  • Tender Reference Number: RCIL_Proj-OFC_DFC
  • Name of Work: OFC shifting in ADI – PNU & ABD-SAU section in lieu of ROB work over various LC Gates- under DFCCIL project.
  • Advertised Value: INR 91,56,090.72 Lakh
  • EMD: INR 1,83,200 Lakh
  • Completion Period: 12 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 29th July,2022 
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 29th August, 2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 15th August,2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 29th August, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • Excavation of trench (in all types of soil but excluding rocky soil) at 1.2 mtr depth & 300 mm wide at the bottom of trench. Wherever excavation of trench is not possible up to 1.2 metres as per EIC, the rate for trenching & backfilling will be paid on prorata basis as per clause (5.18).
  • Laying of PLB HDPE duct by HDD method at depth of 1.65m or more (For a single or Double PLB pipe as per instruction of EIC).
  • Manual Horizontal Auger boring for crossing of Rail/ Roads at depth of 1.65 Mtr.. or more from ground level including insertion DWC pipe of 120/103.5 mm OD/ID & insertion of Single or two HDPE ducts in it as per drawing no. RAILTEL/WR/OT/DFC/015 & instruction of EIC.
  • Laying of HDPE duct in open trenches/ DWC pipes/RCC pipes /G.I pipes/ etc as per instruction of EIC.
  • Supply, Transportation & Installation of prefab-RCC OFC Chamber (specification & dimensions as per drawing attached) & filling with river sand & anti termite chemical after jointing work is done. This includes transportation of all required material to site.
  • Supply and fixing of route markers engraved and painted on both sides along the OFC route at every 50 mtrs and at chambers.
  • 96F SC Type FMS (3M or Raycom or R&M make) for single mode armoured OFC with 96 no of SC/PC 0 db connector & 1.5m length pigtails & splice trays,suitable for mounting on 19″rack with 480mm(w)x300mm(d)& 4U max(h). The FMS should have telescopic sliders & adaptors have to fixed on separate removable patch plates for easy mtc.of adapter & pigtails in the FMS during O&M operations.
  • The top cover of the FMS should be removable type with latch lock.The FDMS should be supplied with all accessories like splice protection sleeves.Tissue papers,isopropyl alcohol,cable ties,hose pipe, Fiber route chart.The shelf has to be made of 1.2mm CRCA material & 600 microns powder coating.
  • Supply of straight joint enclosure complete with all accessories of 3M or raycom or R&M made with latest amendment & splicing of optical fiber (2X48).
  • This includes (1) Supply of straight joint enclosure (SJC) complete with all accessories with latest amendments (2) Splicing of optical fiber cables (2X48Fibers) and testing.
  • Protective works to enable the OFC laying in GI Pipe perforated of 65mm OD on girder bridges, masonry bridges, Tunnels cuttings, Culverts & other specific locations. This also includes M.S. channel/ RailTel channel, RCC/DWC as support, Trenching & backfilling concreting, support pillar, bricks work, clamping on wall etc. after laying & all other required material to suit the site condition to restore back the surface to original as details in the technical supplement & as advised by EIC at site.
  • This will include supply standard ISI (Tata or Jindal Make, class B type) approved Gi pipe of 65mm OD and all its accessories, inside this supplied GI , pulling of HDPE duct is to be done.


  • Please enter the percentage of local content in the material being offered. Please enter 0 for fully imported items, and 100 for fully indigenous items. The definition and calculation of local content shall be in accordance with the Make in India policy as incorporated in the tender conditions.

Technical Eligibility criteria:

  • General for work amounting more than Rs.50 lakhs only. The tenderer should submit the details of experience of similar works or services in the projects executed / under execution which should clearly bring out expertise in the work as per Form no. 13.
  • The tenderer/s must submit along with his/their tender, certificates from the original user for whom the project was undertaken, certifying the date of award of contract, date of completion, date of commissioning and the present working state of the RailTel/ETender/OT/ WR/BRC/OFC Shifting/2022-23.
  • The tenderer shall submit these certificates for all the projects that he has executed which only satisfy the minimum requirements in each case. The certificates are to be submitted in original or their true copies duly signed by the tenderer, preferably as per Form no. 2. 3.16.2
  • Tenderer must have executed works of similar nature, as indicated in para, successfully and satisfactorily of values as indicated in Definition of similar single work is under Tenderer must have completed successfully and satisfactorily at least one work of single order of at least 35% of tendered value of similar nature (current financial year and three previous financial years).
  • Similar work means, any IT networking / OFC or Quad Cable or OFC & Quad Cable or Composite Cable work or any Telecommunication work or any electrical work” The work should have been executed for Govt./PSU/Telecom Services Providers/ Infrastructure Providers.

Financial Eligibility criteria:

  • For work amounting more than Rs.50 lakhs : The tenderer must have received contractual payments in the previous three financial years and the current financial year up to the date of inviting of tender, at least 150% of the advertised value of the tender.
  • The tenderers shall submit Certificates to this effect which may be an attested Certificate from the concerned department / client or Audited Balance Sheet duly certified by the Chartered Accountant/Certificate from Chartered Accountant duly supported by Audited Balance Sheet.
  • Note: Client certificate from other than Govt. Organization should be duly supported by Form 16A/26AS generated through TRACES of Income Tax Department of India).

Source: RailTel -Tender | Image Credit (representational): IRCEP

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