Railways on the forefront to safeguard India from COVID-19

In continuation of the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Indian Railways is making all out efforts to supplement the health care initiatives of Government of India. In this direction Indian Railways is producing reusable face masks and sanitizer in-house in all its Zonal Railways, Production Units and PSUs.

Indian Railways produced total 582317 nos. of reusable face masks and 41882 litres hand sanitiser in-house in its Zonal Railways, Production Units and PSUs till 7th April 2020. Some of the Indian Railway Zones have taken lead in this regard like Western Railway(WR) with 81008 no. of reusable face covers and 2569 litres hand sanitiser, North Central Railway(NCR) with 77995 no. of reusable face covers and 3622 litres hand sanitiser, North Western Railway(NWR) with 51961 no. of reusable face covers and 3027 litres hand sanitiser, Central Railway(CR) with 38904 no. of reusable face covers and 3015 litres hand sanitiser, East Central Railway(ECR) with 33473 no. of reusable face covers and 4100 litres hand sanitiser and West Central Railway(WCR) with 36342 no. of reusable face covers and 3756 litres hand sanitiser.

Since freight operations are running 24X7 to maintain essentials and goods supplies, operation and maintenance staff are working round the clock. To ensure safety of these staff and boost their morale, following is being ensured at all workplaces:

(i) Removable face covers and hand sanitizers are being made available to all staff coming on duty. These are also being provided to contract labourers. Railway workshops, coaching depots and hospitals have risen to the occasion are locally producing sanitizers and masks to supplement supplies.

(ii) All personnel are being encouraged to use reusable face covers to maintain better hygiene. 2 sets of reusable face covers are to be available with personnel. All personnel are being counselled to wash face covers well with soap every day. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have issued detailed advisory in this regard which has been circulated to all.

(iii) Soap, water and washing facilities are being provided at all work places. With local innovations hands free washing facilities have been provided.

(iv) Social distancing is being ensured. Awareness in this regard is being regularly spread amongst all staff like trackmen and locomotive pilots.

Source: PIB | All Image Credit: MoR