RCF adopts Reverse Cycle Roof Mounted Package Unit in coaches to enhance fire safety

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Indian Railways has adopted several safety measures in a bid to ensure that passengers stay safe from any kind of fire accidents o­n trains. The automatic smoke detection system, improved materials for electrical fittings and fixtures such as MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker), light fittings, terminal boards, connectors, etc., are now being used progressively.

  • Fire retardant material is used in coach furnishing while fire extinguishers are now installed in rail coaches for passengers safety.
  • For improving fire safety in LHB Air Conditioned coaches, RCF has now started providing Roof Mounted AC Package units (RMPUs) with reverse cycle features for heating arrangement. 
  • Presently, these RMPU’s are provided with resistance-based heating coil for heating purpose which is prone to fire safety hazard in coaches. 
  • With Reverse cycle feature, no such heating element is required and the same refrigerant circuit can be used for heating inside the coach during winter season in reverse mode. 
  • This feature will not o­nly improve efficiency but will enhance passenger safety as well.
  • It needs mention that RCF was the first unit over Indian Railways to manufacture the first AC coach with roof mounted AC unit o­n 31.01.1992. 
  • Roof Mounted Package Unit maintains temperature and humidity to the comfort level inside the air conditioned coaches. 
  • This unit has many advantages over other air conditioners. 
  • These are maintenance and installation friendly to save time. 
  • Structure of this air conditioner is made of stainless steel grade 304 which protects it against odd weather. 
  • The package unit is of 7 ton capacity with heating capacity of 6kW.
  • Currently, 5 coaches are being provided with this feature & after monitoring of performance, further proliferation will be carried out .
  • Now, passengers can look forward to safer travel in the days to come with more trains becoming a part of this change.

Source: RCF, Kapurthala-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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