Nagpur Railway Station Tender: Redevelopment of Nagpur Railway Station on DBFOT Basis

Project : Station Redevelopment

Tender Title : Redevelopment of Nagpur Railway Station (Tender is Valid till 16th April 2019)

About : IRSDC intends to develop/redevelop the Nagpur railway station This shall also integrate all public transport modes such as City Bus, State regional bus service, Metro Rail, Railways and intermediate public transport modes such as auto-rickshaw and taxis. As part of the above, IRSDC seeks the participation of private entities for the Development/redevelopment of Nagpur Railway Station including inter-alia all works related to, or incidental to, or required to be undertaken upon the project site in accordance with the provisions of the Development Agreement, and Applicable Laws, including the commercial development, as required to be undertaken the “Project” DBFOT basis.

Starting Date : 05/03/2019

Last Date : 16/04/2019

Estimated Cost of Project : 150 Crores

Documents : Link