RITES invites tender for 3D monitoring and construction of 06 Tunnels for doubling line between Jarati‐Malligura stations in Odisha

RITES Limited, a Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, invites online e-tender for the work of Supply, installation, instrumentation, 3D monitoring and services of instrumentation expert for construction of 06 Tunnels for doubling  line between Jarati‐Malligura stations in state of Odisha.

  • Tender Reference Number: RITES/RCED/UI/T/MJM/INSTRUMENTATION/2022/01 
  • Name of Work: Supply, installation, instrumentation, 3D monitoring and services of instrumentation expert for construction of 06 Tunnels for doubling  line [T‐1 from Ch.1680m to 2000m, T‐2 from Ch.3160m to 3500m, T‐3 from Ch.4400m to 4660m, T‐4 from Ch.5120m to 5440m, T‐5  from Ch.6140m to 6440m and T‐6 from Ch.10070m to 10400 from Jarati] between Jarati  ‐ Malligura stations in state of Odisha.
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 76,49,845.38 Lakhs
  • EMD: INR 76,500 Thousand
  • Completion Period: 30 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 30th May, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 10th June, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 31st May, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 10th June, 2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 13th June, 2022

Scope of Work:

  • The proposed tunnels are part of the Doubling project of railway line from Koraput to Jagdalpur stations. In this project, the alignment of doubling runs parallel to the existing track and the formation level has been kept almost at par with the existing track.
  • The doubling line alignment traversed through the different terrain, agricultural land,  Jungle and hilly terrain at few locations. The tunnel locations are the same as that of existing tunnels.
  • There are 06 (six) Nos of Tunnels to be constructed for the doubling line parallel to the existing Tunnels in the section. Details of the GL, formation level of the tunnel and overburden are given below:

Basic Details of Tunnel:

Tunnel No. Length (m)Start Chainage (Km)End Chaiange (Km)


  • The financial turnover will be taken as given under the head “Income” in audited Profit and Loss Account and excluding non‐recurring income, income from other sources and stock. It is clarified that the Financial Turnover means relevant revenue as recorded in the Income side of Profit and Loss Account. It does not mean Profit.
  • Closing stocks in whatsoever manner should not form part of turnover.
  • Weightage of 7% (compounded annually) shall be given for equating the financial turnover of the previous years to the current year.
  • For considering the Financial Years, for example for a work for which the Tender is being opened in Financial Year 2014‐15, the last three Financial Years will be 2013‐14, 2012‐13 and 2011‐12. For a Tender opened on (say) 05.09.14 (F.Y. 2014‐15), with weightage of 7% compounded annually, the weightages to be applied  on the Turnover of the previous three Financial Years will be: F.Y. 2013‐14 = 1.070; F.Y. 2012‐13 = 1.145; F.Y. 2011‐12 = 1.225.
  • The Bidder should furnish Annual Financial Turnover for each of the last 3 Financial Years in tabular form and give reference of the document (with page no.) relied upon in support of meeting the Qualification Criterion.
  • The Bidder should submit a self‐attested copy of Auditor’s Report along with Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement along with Schedules or the relevant Financial Year in which the minimum criterion is met. Provisional Audit Reports or certified statements will not be accepted.
  • If the Audited Balance Sheet for the immediately preceding year is not available in case of a work for which the last stipulated date for submission of the bids is before 30th September or in case, Government of India extends the date of conducting of AGM/ Filing of Balance Sheet beyond 30th September, audited Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements and other financial statements of the three Financial Years immediately preceding the previous Financial Year shall be adopted for evaluating the credentials of the Bidder. These provisions are also applicable in cases where JV is permitted.
  • In case JV is permitted the following provisions will apply:
    • Large Works: For each Partner, the highest Annual Turnover in any of the last three Financial Years will be considered and the weighted figure for the current Financial Year will be worked out as described in Para 1 (Note 3). This should not be less than the figure arrived at by multiplying the minimum Annual Turnover stipulated for the Bidder in Qualification Criterion multiplied by the percentage of financial participation by that partner in the JV. Each partner should satisfy this requirement and thus automatically JV will satisfy the criterion of minimum Annual Turnover.
    • Normal Works: The Partner‐in‐charge/Lead Member shall singly meet this criterion.

Similar Works:

  • Similar Works shall mean the work of “Supply, installation, instrumentation, 3D monitoring and services of Instrumentation expert for construction of tunnel ” carried out in India under a single contract (including additional work carried out under the contract)
  • In case the Bidder (Indian Company) wishes to rely on a work completed abroad, the value of such completed work in foreign convertible currency shall be converted into Indian Rupees. The conversion rate shall be decided by RITES based on the rates of currency on the date of completion of work (the bidder to also submit the currency conversion rate as on completion date of the Credential Certificate relied upon by the bidder for the purpose of work experience).
  • Further, such a bidder (Indian Company) should have also completed at least one construction work of value minimum 25% of estimated cost of work, in India in the last five years.

Tender document can only be obtained after registration of tenderer on the website https://eprocure.gov.in/eprocure/app

Source: RITES -Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR