RLDA invites tender for Project Management Consultancy Services for redevelopment of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Station

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited Proposal through e-tendering mode for Appointment of agency for providing Project Management Consultancy Services for re-development project of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station and construction of associated infrastructure.

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/RFP/CT-04 of 2023
  • Name of Work: Appointment of agency for providing Project Management Consultancy Services for re-development project of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) station and construction of associated infrastructure.
  • EMD: INR 25 Lakh
  • Period For Completion Of Services: 30 months
  • Document Download Start Date: 30th March, 2023
  • Document Download End Date: 05th May, 2023
  • Pre- Bid Meeting: 12th April, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 30th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 05th May, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 08th May, 2023


  • The objective of this Consultancy Contract is to engage Project Management Consultancy Services (PMS) Agency to obtain Project Management and Implementation Supervision Consultancy Services for Redevelopment of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Railway Station and construction of associated Infrastructure on EPC basis.
  • The PMS Assignment includes without limitation, the review of designs prepared by the EPC Contractor including drawing and specifications, superintendence of the Contractor’s performance including performance on day to day basis under the contract, progress monitoring, technical and quality control through inspection and witness of testing during manufacturing, FAT, installation including field checks of materials and equipment installed and workmanship, ensuring work site safety including safety of running trains, people, structures & properties adjacent to the work site and implementation of safety and environment management plans and other special plans, evaluation and verification for stage payment of construction, suggesting remedial measures, certification for completion of works by the EPC works Contractor, Interface management amongst various contracting agencies or Stakeholders and duties related to the integrated testing, commissioning and final handing over of the completed Project to the Authority.
  • The Project Management consultancy service is to generally assist the Authority in implementation of the Project, which includes but not limited to:
  • Review of design basis report (DBR), designs/drawings and making reasoned recommendations to the Authority for their approval.
  • Supervision of works including field checks of materials, equipment and workmanship, adequacy of method of construction, adequacy of deployed resources including maintaining records of deployed resources and method of construction.
  • Monitoring Quality of Works.
  • Monitoring work site safety including safety of running trains, people, structures & properties adjacent to the work site and implementation of safety and environment management processes in line with the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) guidelines of the Authority and the Contractor’s Organisational Safety Management Policies, other special plans at work site.
  • Inspection and acceptance of material for incorporation in the work.
  • Progress Monitoring and Planning (Physical as well as Financial) to ensure achievement of different milestones for completion of the Project as per schedule and deploying IT based monitoring and planning tools for management of works and reporting regular notes with EPC Contractor / Contractors’ representative to record all events and information relating to the effective implementation of the Contract, payments and future queries.
  • Coordination and Interfacing Management with other contracting Agencies / Stakeholders such as Indian Railways, Utility agencies, Other Service Agencies, State Government, other Government Departments etc.
  • Conducting testing of works including testing for commissioning and handing over including compilation of necessary documentation in case of work certification requirement by Commissioner of Railway Safety or any other prescribed Government Authority.
  • Verifying stage payment and effecting various statutory or otherwise recoveries from the interim payment certificates.
  • Evaluating and making reasoned recommendations for processing of Variations, Extension of Time proposals, execution of items under Provisional Sums, as per requirement of the Authority.
  • Scrutiny and review of maintenance manuals outlining the routines to be adopted in each area.
  • Preparation of Phase wise handing over records to the Authority for various Project components.
  • Assist the Authority in management of DAB, Arbitration and litigation proceedings and in preparing replies of RTI and Audit queries and Parliament’s Questions up to final Project handover stage to the extent possible.
  • To review interface management plan and interface coordination document submitted by the EPC Contractor and other Contractors, if any, ensure logical Interface Management and assist in timely delivery of the project.
  • To review the project delivery schedule submitted by EPC Contractor and various other Contractors, if any and develop integrated Master Schedule and review project delivery based on the integrated Master Schedule.
  • The PMS Agency shall have no authority to amend the EPC Contract or any other Contract with regard to the Contractor’s obligations or terminate it, without prior written instructions from the Authority. Also, the PMS Agency will have no authority to decide on following actions, without obtaining prior approval of the Authority:
    • Any Time Extension;
    • Processing for execution of any item under Provisional Sums;
    • Processing for payment of any item of execution under quantity variation rates against some key standard items;
    • Processing for payment of any item of execution under Change of Scope, Provisional Sum; 
    • Any additional cost to be paid to the Contractor;
    • The Termination Payment;
  • Accepting deployment of any Key Personnel of the EPC Contractor during the currency of the EPC Contract;
  • Providing Power Block or Traffic Block or necessary disconnections to the Contractor;
  • Any change in Approved Makes/Brands provided in Schedule C; 

Scope of Services:

  • The Services shall commence on Effective Date as per the Clause 5.3 and shall be completed as per the detailed time frame indicated at Clause 5.7 of Section 5 of this Draft PMS Agreement.
  • The PMS Agency shall discharge its duties in a fair; impartial; transparent and efficient manner; consistent with the highest standards of professional integrity with due diligence; to the best of its ability and making full use of its skill; knowledge; experience; expertise and in a workmanlike manner according to the highest standards acceptable in line with the Good Industry Practice and to the reasonable satisfaction of the Authority leading to effective project management & control process.
  • In providing the Services, the PMS Agency shall devote such time and effort as may be required to ensure proper performance of this Agreement duly within the time frame specified.
  • Time is the essence of the contract. Internal target dates/Project Milestones and other days/duration as specified in the Draft EPC Agreement, should be strictly adhered to by the PMS Agency, failing which Authority will have the right to take action against the PMS Agency in accordance with this Agreement.
  • In providing the Services, the PMS Agency shall comply with all the prevailing laws and legislation in force, both local and Central.
  • The PMS Agency shall prepare a detailed Organogram of his entire Project Team with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities of its various Key Experts as well as other professional staff and keep duly informed all concerned stakeholders at all times to ensure that various work requirements as per Article 16 of the Draft EPC Agreement are adequately addressed.
  • Any change in delineation of existing roles and responsibilities of any of the Experts or change of any Expert should also be promptly notified to all concerned stakeholders.
  • The PMS Agency will designate and notify names of two persons each of its Project Team and HO Team as per the provisions of Clause 16.3 of the Draft EPC Agreement after obtaining the Authority’s prior approval.
  • The PMS Agency shall ensure that the personnel deployed by it on the Project are experienced in modern methods of project execution management and construction supervision, ensuring professional construction supervision, adhering to quality, target completion dates, compliance with the drawings, technical specifications and various requirements of the Draft EPC Agreement including due consideration to the requirements of Project safety and environmental issues.
  • The PMS Agency shall arrange to train its personnel who are deployed/to be deployed, from time to time, as may be required, for providing efficient Services.
  • The PMS Agency shall ensure optimal utilisation of resources/contractual provisions with a view to bring the economy to execution. The PMS Agency shall also assist in implementation of various labour rules, regulations and welfare measures as per the rules in force and laid down provisions in the Draft EPC Agreement. 

Role and functions of the PMS Agency during design Phase:

  • Design Phase involves review of Contractor’s documents which includes preliminary design, drawings and definitive / detailed design and drawings including their compliance to the specifications, work requirements & acceptability criteria laid down by various Stakeholders and designs and drawings for temporary structures, etc.
  • These documents will be duly processed for approval of the Authority according to the timelines specified in the Draft EPC agreement. Design phase also includes preparation of a Construction Supervision Plan in consultation with the EPC Contractor and duly approved by the Authority, outlining the routines and procedures to be applied in project management, construction supervision and site administration to suit the present work requirements. Design phase begins with the Appointed Date of the Draft EPC Agreement.
  • During this Phase PMS Agency will review and make recommendations for obtaining necessary approval of the Authority on the following:
    • Preparation of Design Basis Report;
    • Preliminary Design Submissions (including Construction/Manufacturing/ Installation design);
    • Definitive/ Detailed Design Submissions (including Construction/Manufacturing/Installation design);
    • Technical Specification documents;
    • Design manuals;
    • Interfacing Report Documents;
    • Survey, Utility, Temporary Work Design, Hydrology reports;
    • Management Plans pertaining to Architectural Planning & Landscaping;
    • Management plans pertaining to Heritage Restoration and Enhancement;
    • Management plans pertaining to construction planning;
    • Management plans pertaining to Permanent Office relocation and Temporary Office relocation;
    • Management plans pertaining to Refurbishment of Offices;
    • Management plans pertaining to Dismantling of structures;
    • Management Plans pertaining to Electrical & Mechanical works;
    • Management Plans pertaining to Systems and Automation works;
    • Any other documents submitted by the EPC Contractor.
  • Design submission will be reviewed by the PMS Agency, who shall coordinate the design review for the Authority and communicate the decision thereof within the timelines specified in the respective EPC Contract after receipt of complete information on the subject matter. Detailed procedures for submission of data will be as detailed in the EPC Contract.
  • PMS Agency shall obtain specific written consent of the Authority before communicating clearance for all concept designs & drawings and GADs submitted by the EPC Contractor for Layouts, Architectural Planning, Rail Flyovers & Elevated Roads, E&M works and any other work requiring sanction of prescribed Government Authority.


Technical Eligibility of the Bidder’s Organisational Capacity:

  • For demonstrating organizational technical capacity, the Bidder shall have completed or substantially completed Eligible Assignment(s) as mentioned below during the past 7 (seven) years ending on 31.12.2022:
    • Three similar works each having technical consulting fees of not less than INR 10 Crores (Ten Crores Rupees) each, or
    • Two similar works each having technical consulting fees of not less than INR 20 Crores (twenty Crores Rupees) each, or
    • One similar work having technical consulting fees of not less than INR 30 Crores (Thirty Crores Rupees). 

Similar work or Eligible Project (the “Eligible Project”) shall mean:

  • Construction of Passenger handling terminals i.e. Railway Stations, Metro stations, Stations of RRTS / HSR / Monorail, Airport Terminals, Bus Terminals, or
  • Construction of commercial/institutional real estate project (such as Educational Institution, Hospital, Hotel, Convention Centre, Shopping Mall/ Shopping Complex, Sports Complex, Office Complex) having RCC framed structure or steel structure, internal water supply, sanitary installation, internal electrical installation, HVAC, substation, fire-fighting and lifts/escalators, etc.

The complete document can be downloaded from www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA

Source: RLDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): RLDA

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