RLDA invites tender for redevelopment of Ahmedabad Railway Station and construction of associated infrastructure on EPC mode

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited Proposal through e-tendering mode for the redevelopment of Ahmedabad railway station and construction of associated infrastructure on Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) mode.

  • Tender Reference Number: RLDA/RFP/CD-69/SRD-15 of 2022
  • Name of Work: Redevelopment of Ahmedabad railway station and construction of associated infrastructure on Engineering Procurement & Construction (EPC) mode.
  • Construction Period: 36 Months
  • EMD: INR 10 Crore
  • Document Download Start Date: 08th October, 2022
  • Document Download End Date: 24th January, 2023
  • 1st Pre-Bid Meeting: 09th November, 2022
  • 2nd Pre-Bid Meeting: 08th December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 08th October, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 24th January, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 30th January, 2023


  • The Contractor is required to understand the detailed Scope of the Project and develop his own designs, drawings, details and methodologies for fulfilling the overall objectives and functions of the structures contemplated under this Project.


  • The aim of the project is the re-development of Ahmedabad Railway Station to construct an iconic Railway Station with state-of-art facilities and infrastructure in accordance with Good Industry Practices and Applicable Laws including sustainable environment, waste management and cleanliness is major upgradation of existing facilities within Ahmedabad station without impacting the heritage monuments and operation of the station.

Scope of the Project:

  • Under this Agreement, the brief scope of the Project (the “Scope of the Project”) is defined here under:
  • Ahmedabad Railway Station is a mega station of Indian Railways situated in the heart of Ahmedabad City of Gujarat. Presently 1.2 lakh passengers (approx.) are handled at this station through the operation of approximately 459 number of trains daily, comprising both originating/terminating trains as well as pass through trains. The daily passenger traffic is expected to increase to 3.1 lakhs (approx.) by the year 2060.
  • The Authority has been tasked with the redevelopment Project of Ahmedabad Railway Station, which is envisaged to be taken up in two distinct phases and intended to develop the entire area of 35 ha (approx.) as an integrated Multi Modal Transit Hub with dedicated access roads, hospitality, recreation and retail facilities, mandatory housing for Railway’s operational staff, and office space and thus afford a world class experience to various users of this area.
  • The Master Plan for the redevelopment of this entire area has already been approved by various stakeholders.
  • The scope of the Project under this Agreement comprises various components of Phase-I redevelopment plan and broadly comprising the following major elements:
  • Redevelopment of new station building spanning across operational railway tracks and platforms;
  • Dedicated Access Roads (both elevated and at grade) to access station complex from various important roads in the surrounding area;
  • Iconic Tower;
  • Development of circulating area and landscaping, etc. around the station premises
  • Parcel Handling Facility along with a tunnel from Building no.3 to Building no.6;
  • Ballast less track/ washable apron on tracks within platform area
  • Performance and fulfilment of all other obligations of the Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and matters incidental thereto or necessary for the performance of any or all of the obligations of the Contractor under this Agreement.

Architectural Intent:

  • The contractor shall prepare the details keeping the above objectives in mind, and keeping the intent shown in the 3D images in mind for facade/ design. The main architectural intent of the design is to construct an iconic structure and create an urban space in the busy city centre.
  • The Urban space is created in the form of a concourse over the airscape of the railway station and also creates a space for the local public and public coming to the station to have a good experience.
  • A space around the “brick minar” has been proposed as a landscaped pedestrian public plaza including a gathering space in the form of an amphitheatre inspired by the step wells of Ahmedabad/Gujarat like Adalaj and Rani-ni-vav.
  • This space has been proposed for conservation and enhancement of the World Heritage Site status of Brick Minar and provide much better visibility and function to this heritage site by creating a public plaza/ tourism content around the same.
  • The architectural language of the area in general needs to be maintained along with general height controls. Views and vistas towards the heritage structures should be encouraged and the character of the historic precinct should be maintained.
  • The station building form is derived by wrapping it around the monument plaza and then extending it towards the south side over the platform no 1 to 9 to provide easy accessibility to the passengers for arrival and departure from concourse to platform and vice-versa.
  • The platform layout becomes important as we need to provide passenger arrival and departure Vertical circulation core (VCE) at locations where they are equidistant from farthest ends of the platforms. Thus, the layout of the concourse floor above would also have its impact.
  • The equidistance placement of the VCEs on all the platforms have been marked to configure the concourse extent connecting all the VCEs. We have considered Four set VCEs on each platform, two for arriving passengers and two for departing passengers.
  • Further the roof form geometry of the station building is inspired by the sun rays on the semi-circular shape around the Brick minar and the fins in the roof forms extending beyond the building depicting the sunrays.
  • The same roof fins have been extended radially towards the southern part of the rectangular concourse of the station floor plate and converge radially to the southern departure plaza.

Scope of Work:

  • The contract is in EPC mode, so the contractor shall be responsible for Survey, Design, Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of all the buildings, structures, elements, facilities including that of MEP, Electric general, TRD and S&T works. Complete designing, detailing, drawings shall be the responsibility of the Contractor, as defined in Schedule D.
  • The Contractor shall execute the Works in two phases, the Design Phase, the Construction Phase.
  • The Design Phase shall commence upon the date of issue of Letter of Acceptance. This phase shall include the preparation and submission of:
    • The Preliminary Design including surveys;
    • The Definitive Design; and,
    • The Construction Reference Drawings.
  • While designing the building, various facilities, the aspect of maintainability, accessibility shall be thoughtfully considered and appropriate provisions shall be incorporated with view of cleaning, maintenance of the assets, facilities during the entire service period with special focus for façade, through roof, Concourse, platforms, shelters, MLCP etc.
  • The contractor shall carry out necessary load testing of the structures especially for the concourse, Skywalk, parcel tunnel and other structures.
  • The contractor shall provide Site office for authority as per area, facilities, T&Ps as laid down in Schedule D.
  • The contractor shall provide complete functional complex in line with intended use and the detailed scope of work shall be interpreted accordingly for current and future requirements

Electrical work:

  • The Electrical Works include the furnishing of materials, labour, equipment, tools, transportation and services required to Design, construct, install, test and commission the complete electrical system as shown on the Drawings and/or specified in the Agreement Documents.
  • This also includes any material, appliances, equipment not specifically mentioned herein (in the Agreement documents) or noted on the drawings as being furnished or installed but which are necessary and customary to make complete installation properly connected and in working condition. The work shall include all incidental jobs / minor civil works connected with installation such as, cutting, drilling, grouting, fixing, sealing etc.
  • It shall be the responsibility of the Developer/Contractor to provide a completely safe and workable system in accordance with the requirements of the Specifications/Agreement documents, and to the satisfaction of the Engineer. The boundary line and Control philosophy for E & M works shall be as indicated in the Authority’s drawings and as agreed by the Engineer.


  • Qualification requirements of Bidders: To be eligible for Qualification, the Bidder shall fulfill the following conditions of eligibility:
  • Technical Capacity- For demonstrating Technical Capacity and experience (the “Technical Capacity”), the Bidder shall have:
  • Satisfactorily completed the works as mentioned below during the last seven years up to 31.12.2022.
    • Three Similar Works each costing not less than Rs 600 crores, or
    • Two Similar Works each costing not less than Rs 800 crores, or
    • One Similar Work costing not less than Rs 1,200 crore

Similar Work:

  • Construction of Passenger handling terminals i.e. railway stations, metro stations, stations of RRTS / HSR / monorail, airport terminals, bus terminals having RCC framed structure or steel structure along with MEPF works executed under one agreement. or
  • Construction of commercial real estate project (such as educational institution, hospital, hotel, convention centre, mall/shopping complex, sports complex, office complex) at a single site with a minimum built up area of 50,000 sqm, having RCC framed structure or steel structure along with MEPF works executed under one agreement.
  • Any Bridge construction work costing more than Rs 500 Cr. The value of the completed works shall be brought to current level by enhancing the same at a simple rate of 7% per annum, calculated from the date of completion to 31.12.2022.
  • Minimum one ongoing infrastructure work (not necessarily Similar Work) of contract value not less than Rs 1500 crores secured during the last five years up to 31.12.2022.
  • The value of the awarded work shall be brought to current costing level by enhancing the same at a simple rate of 7% per annum, calculated from the date of award to 31.12.2022.

About RLDA:

  • Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Railways for the development of Railway land.
  • It has four key mandates as a part of its development plan, namely leasing of commercial sites, colony redevelopment, station redevelopment and multi-functional complexes.

The complete document can be downloaded from www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA

Source: RLDA- Tender | Image Credit (representational): RLDA