RLDA invites tenders for consultancy services for feasibility Study & preparation of Detailed Project Report

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has invited proposals through e-tendering single stage two cover bidding system from RLDA empaneled consultancy firms for Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Master Planning, Urban Designing, Engineering & Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and providing all other documents required  for major upgradation of Raipur Railway Station of Raipur Division, South East Central Railway.

  • Tender Reference Number: RFP No. RLDA/RFP/CT-07 of 2022
  • Name of the work: Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Master Planning, Urban Designing, Engineering & Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and providing all other documents required for major upgradation of Raipur  Railway Station of Raipur Division, South East Central Railway.
  • EMD: INR 105260
  • Completion of work: 6.5 Months 
  • Document Download Start Date: 04-Mar-2022
  • Document Download End Date: 01-Apr-2022 
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 04-Mar-2022 
  • Bid Submission End Date: 01-Apr-2022
  • Bid Opening Date: 01-Apr-2022


  • The objective of this consultancy is to conduct the appraisal of the site, prepare Architectural Master for the entire site, suggest phasing for smooth execution of the work, get all regulatory approvals/clearances needed for starting construction.  
  • The further objective of the consultancy is to prepare architectural and functional details for all the mandatory works of the Railway Station to be developed for invitation of EPC tender, assist Railway/Authority in evaluating technical package (in Architectural evaluation) of the bids and provide architectural proof checking for the detailed design to be carried out by the EPC contractor.  
  • In order to ensure a properly designed station along with associated infrastructure is developed under major upgradation of the given Railway Station, the design of Railway Stations need to have the following features:  
    • Segregation of arrival/departure passenger movements to the extent possible and circulation at the Project Railway Station including both sides.
    • Safe and comfortable passenger amenities/services with maximum possible modern amenities in a clean and pleasing ambience. 
    • Superior road connectivity with the city for quick and easy access to the Project Railway Station and adequate parking within the station premises, efficient multi-modal interface, provide flexibility for integration facilities with future transport infrastructure. 
    • Smooth arrival/departure and movement of pedestrians, passenger vehicles, parcel, luggage, linen & catering material etc. within and around station premises, state of the art passenger information and display systems, security systems and fire safety systems etc. 
    • Providing user-friendly facilities and passenger services for the convenience of passengers including adequate signages, pick-up drop and parking 
    • Special amenities and services for the old, infirm and physically challenged passengers.
    • Adequate facilities for small retail, F&B, wash rooms, resting facilities, etc. 
    • Adequate and effective inter-platform transfers. 
    • Unobstructed movement of passengers and avoiding cross- circulation of passengers within Railway station. 
    • Management of luggage services/clock rooms. 
    • Study of shortcoming of the present station and difficulties faced by passengers currently. – Solution for those difficulties now & with projected traffic. 

Scope of Services:

  • The services to be performed by the Consultant shall include but not be limited to the scope indicated in Clause 3 of TOR. Consultant shall also perform all such services and activities which are not specified herein but that might be required for achieving the Objective of the Consultancy specified in Clause 2 above, framing of the reports and deliverables listed at Clause 4 & 5 of TOR and completing the Consultancy in terms of Clause 6,7,8 and 9 of this section. 
  • The outline scope of services to be performed by the Consultant shall include but not limited to the following: 
    • Review of previous reports (if any)/ available plans / drawings / data and verify the available drawings details at the site.
    • Traffic study and development of integrated traffic plans. 
    • Studies, Surveys and Investigations: 
      • Engineering Survey.
      • Collection of land plans and master plan of station.
      • Ascertaining condition, ownership and usage of structures. 
      • Exiting utilities mapping, assess and plan permanent and temporary diversion of utilities. 
      • Land due diligence (ascertaining land title in favour of Railways from the concerned Authorities) ascertaining land title in favour of Railway. 
      • Building condition survey.
      • Study of identification of sensitive structures.
      • Overlapping of survey and development plan on Google maps, revenue maps etc. 
      • Soil exploration for preliminary design of structures. 
    • Applicable Development control norms.
    • Assessment of additional requirement of utility infrastructure such as power, water, solid waste management, sewage treatment etc as well as their availability for the Project.
    • Relocation plan of buildings and structures.
    • Development of Concept Plans & Master Plan of the project: The Consultant shall follow the applicable laws, bylaws and Master Plan of the city with a view to enabling an ‘in principle’ approval of municipal authorities. 
    • Construction methodology, sequencing, scheduling and time frame.
    •  Social impact assessment including Resettlement & Rehabilitation Plan (R&R). 
    • Environment Impact Assessment and to actively work with Authority and obtain environment clearance of entire Project, if required.
    • Heritage Impact Assessment.
    • Preliminary designs and review / update of design criteria/outline specifications for the Mandatory Works and Architectural Controls for the Project including areas identified for commercial and/or other development identified in the Master Plan. 
    • Project Cost and Cost Estimates. 
    • Market assessment/Demand assessment of the alternative project proposals. 
    • Prepare submissions (if required, its revision also), for the purpose of obtaining in principle statutory approval/clearances for the Master Plan and obtain such clearances.

The complete bid document can be viewed/downloaded (for view purpose only and not for bidding) on the free view tab of the e-tendering portal i.e. www.tenderwizard.in/RLDA.

Source: RLDA-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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