RRTS Update: NCRTC to build bridges for pedestrian & entry-exit of vehicles at Anand Vihar RAPIDX Station

A dedicated pedestrian bridge is being constructed at Anand Vihar RAPIDX station of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor. Apart from this, two separate bridges are also being built for segregated entry and exit of vehicles into the station premises as a part of multimodal integration with all existing modes of transport at this point.

More Details:

  • These 3 bridges will be built by NCRTC over the Ghazipur drain passing between Anand Vihar RAPIDX station and Chaudhary Charan Singh Marg.
  • In these three bridges, the right bridge will be used for vehicular entry inside the Anand Vihar RAPIDX station, while the left bridge will be used as the vehicular exit. The middle one will be used only for the to-and-fro movement of pedestrians inside the station premises.
  • The bridge being constructed over the Ghazipur drain for the entry of vehicles into the Anand Vihar RAPIDX station is about 10 metres wide. Taxis, private vehicles etc will be able to enter the premises from this entrance bridge and drop passengers at the station gate. Also, the exit bridge being constructed over the drain at the left end of the station is 13 metres wide and will enable these vehicles to drive back to the main road.

Image Credit: NCRTC

  • A dedicated pedestrian bridge is being constructed between these two which will be about 5 metres wide. Lakhs of commuters travel daily from Anand Vihar via various modes of transport. It has been often observed that passengers have to go through a lot of trouble to change different modes of transport.
  • They have to travel a long distance to reach another mode, battling congested, chaotic traffic. This leads to overcrowding near these public means, which hinders the movement of vehicles and leads to traffic jams on the road.
  • Keeping these problems in mind, NCRTC decided to construct separate entry and exit routes to ensure the smooth, convenient and safe travel of commuters. The location of the station has also been strategically planned in such a way that it is built as close as possible to existing public transport means.
  • This station is being integrated with 6 modes of public transport, which include Swami Vivekananda (Anand Vihar) inter-state bus stand, city bus stand, Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation’s bus stand at Kaushambi, two metro lines (Pink and Blue Line) and Anand Vihar Railway Station.
  • Apart from this, a bus stop is also proposed to be built on the main road along these bridge routes. The commuters can get down here and enter the station through these bridges.
  • Along with this, stairs, lifts and escalators will also be provided to enhance the travel experience of the passengers by making their journey comfortable and convenient to reach the station.
  • This commuter-centric station design and seamless integration between various modes of public transport and Anand Vihar RAPIDX station will provide a seamless, safe, comfortable and hassle-free travel experience to commuters and also cut down on their travel time. This step of NCRTC will especially prove to be a boon for senior citizens, children, ladies and commuters travelling with luggage.
  • NCRTC aims to make the entire 82 km long Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor operational by the year 2025. Before that, it will soon commission the 17 km long priority section of this corridor in 2023.

Source: NCRTC- Press Release | Featured Image Credit (representational): NCRTC