RVNL completes execution of 30km Jhargram Chakulia section of Adityapur-Kharagpur 3rd Line project

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited team successfully completed the execution of 30km Jhargram Chakulia section of the Adityapur-Kharagpur 3rd Line Project. CRS inspection was held on 18 & 19 Jan. 2022 followed by a speed trial of 115 KMPH.

  • Kharagpur – Adityapur Section, part of the Howrah-Mumbai Trunk route with a length of 138 Km, is an extremely busy route as it caters to the movement of raw materials  and finished products of  core sector especially Steel Plants as well as Power Plants. 
  • The line is highly congested with an oversaturated capacity.
  • In order to augment the line capacity on this extremely important route, the work of 3rd line was sanctioned in the year 2015 with an anticipated Cost of Rs 1312.44 crore and Cabinet Committee Clearance was received in 2016.
  • The present stretch of the 3rd Line  has 5 stations viz. Jhargram, Khatkura, Gidhni, Kanimahuli and Chakulia, having long loop ranging from 4-4.5Km. 
  • This section includes construction of 14 Level crossings, 2 major bridges and 34 minor bridges and 2 new station buildings.  
  • Electronic interlocking system, dual MSDAC, Block Panel with UFSBI with Dual SSDAC have been installed at these stations. 
  • 4 New Foot over Bridges and 2 New PFs were constructed. 
  • The project also ensures that a rubberized road surface is provided at important level crossings.

Bina-Kanjia section:

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited  team achieved a milestone of doubling the Bina-Kanjia section on Bhopal Division of West Central Railway. CRS inspection & speed trial 120Kmph successfully held on 24.12.2021.

  • Doubling of the most challenging section of Bina-Mahadev kheri-Semarkhedi-Kanjia (19.87 kms) commissioned on 24.12.2021 with 100 kmph in Kanjia-Semarkhedi-Mahadev kheri UP line and at 90 kmph in Bina-Mahadev kheri DN line.
  • This section has been challenging due to its very very poor connectivity even to all 3 stations and remains unapproachable for 5-6 months of the year.


  • 4 Stations-Bina, Mahadev kheri, Semarkhedi and Kanjia.
  • 1 Major Br, 12 minor bridge, 3 RUBs, 4 LCs.
  • 4 Gang cum tool rooms.
  • UP Longer loop at Semarkhedi.
  • DN Longer loop at Semarkhedi.
  • Tube well and pump house at 3 stations.
  • Completed all side drains in cuttings, approach of major bridge and in yards.
  • S &T works.
  • Bina-409 routes, Major RRI, Alterations done in existing system.
  • Mahadev kheri-139 routes, Big hard with 5 side train movements, alterations dine. .in existing EI Semarkhedi-64 routes, new EI commissioned.
  • Kanjia-17 routes, New EI commissioned.

Electrical Works:

  • 19.87 RKM electrified.
  • 3 new switching stations at Bina, Mahadevkheri, and Semarkhedi.
  • Alteration in existing switching station of Kanjia.
  • Lighting arrangements are done at new PFs of Semarkhedi & Kanjia.

About RVNL:

  • The company began its operation in 2005 with the appointment of a Board of Directors.  
  • The company was granted Miniratna status in September 2013. 
  • RVNL has been rated “Excellent” for the 9 successive years by the Department of Public Enterprises.  
  • RVNL has also been ranked 1st amongst the Railway PSEs for the 4 times out of the last 5 years.
  • The turnover of the company for the financial year 2019-20 has increased by 44.44%.  
  • The authorized share capital of the company is Rs. 3000 cr. with paid up share capital of Rs. 2085 cr. 
  • The company has been listed after its disinvestment of its stake of 12.16% of the company through IPO.

Source: RVNL-Update