RVNL conducts speed trial of newly laid doubling line on ORR- Pipraigaon section

The Bina-Guna section in the Bhopal Division of Bina-Kota doubling project spanning 119.98Km is a highly critical capacity addition project of the Indian Railways. Out of this, the Guna-Orr section (57.23Km) and Bina to Kanjia section (19.87Km) have been commissioned in the last two years.

The time-line of the various milestones achieved in this project are as under:

  • The 119.98 Km long Bina-Guna section, Ashoknagar – Pilighata(25.7KM) was commissioned in December 2019, Pilighata – Guna was commissioned in December 2020, Ashoknagar- Orr (13Km) was commissioned in July 2021, Bina-Kanjiya (19.9Km) was commissioned in December 2021 & now Orr-Pipraigaon is slated for commissioning in March 2022. 
  • Thus, 92.5Km was executed in the last two years.
  • The work is being executed at a brisk pace despite the Covid limitations. 
  • The work of doubling between Orr to Pipraigaon has now reached the final stage. 
  • As part of this project, the engine run trial in this section has been successfully completed on 16.02.2022. 
  • The speed trial in this section has been completed by an electric locomotive at a maximum speed of 110 kmph.  
  • The other salient works accomplished on this Pipraigaon- Orr section include the construction of 3 major bridges, 3 minor bridges, and 3 RUBs. 
  • New platforms have been constructed at Rahatwas, Pipraigaon, and Orr stations and the work of construction of foot over bridge at Rahatwas and Pipraigaon stations is in progress. 
  • This section of Orr-Pipraigaon (14.415 km) is slated to be inspected by the Commissioner of Railway Safety in the second week of March, following which the double line section will be opened for regular train operations. 
  • This double line section will be a major capacity addition to the train operations and will save a lot of time. 
  • Besides, it will enable the availability of requisite time-slots for maintenance works viz. blocks & caution for regular upkeep of tracks.
  • The sequel preparatory works for non-Interlocking working at all three stations i.e., ORR, Rahatwas, and Pipraigaon are now in full swing, and soon after completing the work of Non-Interlocking, and after inspection & certification of Commissioner of Railway Safety, this section will be opened for regular train operations.  
  • It may be noted that the total length of doubling of the Bina-Guna section in the Bhopal division of the Bina-Kota doubling project is 119.98km and out of this, the Guna-Orr section (57.23Km) and Bina to Kanjia section (19.87Km) have already been commissioned in the last two years only. 
  • The work of doubling of all the sections has been completed in the last two years as indicated above.
  • Rail Vikas Nigam Limited has been steadily enhancing the momentum of works and it is envisaged that the remaining section viz. 
  • Pipraigaon to Kanjia and Mahadevkhedi-Malkhedi sections will also be completed soon and thus the entire section of Bina-Guna & Mahadevkhedi-Malkhedi section of Bhopal Division will be commissioned expeditiously. 
  • The completion of this project will be a major boost to enhance line capacity on this high-density rail traffic route.

About RVNL:

  • The company began its operation in 2005 with the appointment of a Board of Directors.  
  • The company was granted Miniratna status in September 2013. 
  • RVNL has been rated “Excellent” for the 9 successive years by the Department of Public Enterprises.  
  • RVNL has also been ranked 1st amongst the Railway PSEs for the 4 times out of the last 5 years.
  • The turnover of the company for the financial year 2019-20 has increased by 44.44%.  
  • The authorized share capital of the company is Rs. 3000 cr. with paid up share capital of Rs. 2085 cr. 
  • The company has been listed after its disinvestment of its stake of 12.16% of the company through IPO.

Source: RVNL-Update