RVNL invites bids for Railway Electrification works between Dhasa-Jetalsar stations

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Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has invited bids under single stage two packet system for the work of “Design, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 25 KV, 50 Hz, Single Phase, Conventional Traction Over Head Equipment, Switching Stations and other associated works, associated Signal & Telecommunication work, Civil Engineering work i.e., Staff quarters, T.W. sidings, service buildings and electrical general services works for Railway Electrification between stations Dhasa-Jetalsar (104.44 RKM/118.09 TKM) in Bhavnagar Division of Western Railway in the state of Gujarat, India”

  • Tender Reference Number: RVNL/ADI/RE/DAS-JLR/2021/01
  • Estimated Cost of Project: INR 92.61 Crores
  • Bid Security: INR 2 Crore
  • Period of Completion: 24 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 03-Jul-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 20-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10-Aug-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 20-Aug-2021
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 19-Jul-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 20-Aug-2021

Details of contract: 

  • The tendered work is part of the project for Electrification of newly converted B.G. railway line between Dhasa Jn. and Jetalsar Jn. of Western Railway.
  • The works are located on the alignment between Dhasa Jn. (Excluding) and Jetalsar Jn (Including) and the details are given in the bid document.
  • The section of Dhasa Jn. and Jetalsar Jn is (104.44 Km). It is proposed to take up the work of this section as it is equally important from the point of view of both passenger and freight traffic.
  • This work on the full stretch of 104.44 Kms between Dhasa Jn.- Jetalsar Jn. can be started immediately.

Approaches to the project site: 

  • Approach to project length is available through level crossings and through revenue land from existing roads, at a reasonable number of locations. 
  • The details of land acquired / proposed to be acquired for the project are given in preceding Para. This land caters for construction and operation of the proposed line. 
  • The contractor shall plan for approach roads to the various sites of work after conducting detailed site survey and should include the cost of inputs for any such approach roads in his bid for the work. 
  • However, in case, any existing road needs to be widened or bridge needs to be strengthened & there is no alternative road available to the site of work and the authority owning the said road submits demand to RVNL to carry out some specific works, RVNL shall get such works executed through the existing contractor or any other agency. RVNL shall make payment for such work.

Signaling & Telecommunication Works:

  • Supply, Installation, wiring, programming, testing of Electronic Interlocking by the RDSO approved manufacturer, provision of motor operated points, D.C. tracks circuits, MSDAC/HASSDAC/SSDAC and MACLS, Indoor and Outdoor Modifications related with Single line.
  • Designing and documentation including completion documents of signaling drawings for indoor and outdoor work.
  • Removal of S&T infringements or shifting of signaling gears like LC gates, location boxes, signals, cables etc. and telecom gears like cables, EC post etc. to facilitate the progress of earth work and bridge work for single line.
  • Supply and installation of signaling equipments viz. Electronic interlocking with wiring, operating cum indication panel, signal units and accessories, Integrated power supply equipments, Block Working with axle counter, location boxes and accessories, track circuit equipments, point machines with ground connection, electric lifting barrier, data logger with networking etc.
  • Indoor work of programming and commissioning of electronic Interlocking, erection of Relay rack, CT rack, wiring of relays, testing and alterations in circuits, installation of power supply equipments & IPS, operating and indication panel, data logger and networking, axle counter, installation of DG sets, painting and lettering of all indoor gears, releasing of all indoor gears etc.
  • Outdoor work of trenching and laying of cables, foundation for signals, location boxes, etc. wiring of location boxes, signal units, points machines, track circuits, axle counter jointing of signaling cables, earthing, RE protection, erection of electrical lifting barrier, painting and lettering of all out door gears, releasing of all outdoor gears.
  • Provision of Telecom facilities including Outdoor work of trenching and laying of Telecom cables (Six Quad /OFC), Jointing, Erection of Emergency Control Phone (ECP), Communication facilities for SP/SSP/TSS/SCADA etc.
  • Testing of all indoor equipment for functional/operational requirements and all outdoor equipment of signals, points, track circuits, LC gates etc and carrying out necessary adjustments and modifications in consultation with Engineer. Preparation of all documents related with testing and test reports.

Bidding Documents can be downloaded free of cost from RVNL website www.rvnl.org and RVNL e- Tendering portal i.e. https://rvnl.euniwizarde.com/.

Source: RVNL-Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR

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