RVNL invites bids for Signalling and Telecommunications works in connection with doubling of Majorda – Vasco-Da-Gama railway section

In continuation to the tender for for Signalling and Telecommunication works in connection with doubling between Kulem-Madgaon section, the Rail Vikas Nigam Limited  (RVNL) has now invited bids under single stage two packet system for  the work of Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Indoor & Outdoor Signalling and Telecommunications works in connection with doubling of Majorda (Excl.) – Vasco-Da-Gama (Incl.) section of Hubbali Division of South Western Railway in South Goa District of Goa State, India’.

  • Bid Notice No.: RVNL/SBC/S&T/MJO-VSG/2021/OT 03
  • Approx. Estimated Cost of Project: INR 31.58 Crores
  • Bid Security: INR 2 Crores
  • Period of Completion: 18 Months
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 05-May-2021
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 20-Apr-2021
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 25-May-2021
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 10-May-2021
  • Bid Submission End Date: 25-May-2021
  • Bid Opening Date: 25-May-2021

Introduction of contract packages:

  • The tendered work is part of the project for doubling of existing railway line between Majorda and Vasco-Da-Gama stations of Hubli division of South Western Railway.
  • The scope of this tender is indoor and outdoor S&T works in connection with the proposed  Doubling and the details are as follows.

Approaches to the project site: 

  • The land acquired for the project caters for construction and operation of the proposed line. The contractor shall plan for an approach roads to the various sites of work conducting detailed survey and should include the cost of inputs for any such approach roads in his bid for the work. 
  • However, in case any existing road outside railway land has to be utilized for transportation of materials to the site of work and in the process the road gets damaged or needs to be strengthened and the authority owning the said road submits demand to CPM/RVNL to carry out some specific works in order to strengthen/repair the road, CPM/RVNL shall get such works executed through the existing contractor or any other agency and make the payment for such work

Signaling & Telecommunication Works:

  • All necessary indoor and outdoor S&T Modification works related to conversion  from Single line to double line at 3 stations (CSM, SKVL, VSG) and LC gates located in Majorda-Vasco Da Gama section. 
  • Maintaining progress of S&T works to meet commissioning targets as per the schedule of targeted doubling/RE works in the section. All works shall be fit for 25 KV AC traction.
  • Supply, Installation, wiring, programming, testing & commissioning of centralized/distributed Electronic Interlocking by the RDSO approved manufacturer at Cansaulim, Sankaval, Vasco-da-gama Stations.
  • Provision of interlocking arrangements at level crossing gates located in the section to suit doubling of track.
  • Necessary indoor & outdoor works at Majorda station (Konkan Rly) for the replacement/modification to existing block instrument & BPAC towards Cansaulim  side as per requirement.
  • Complete designing and documentation including the timely submission of completion documents of signalling drawings for both indoor & outdoor works.
  • Supply and installation of signalling equipment viz. Electronic interlocking with all accessories, Integrated power supply equipment, MSDAC, HASSDAC, blockworking  with axle counter as per Railway requirement, data logger with networking, earth  leakage detectors, DG sets, LEDsignal units and accessories, location boxes and  accessories, DC track circuit equipment, point machines with ground connection,  electric lifting barrier & sliding boom arrangement etc.
  • Indoor work of designing, programming, testing and commissioning of Electronic Interlocking, erection of Relay rack, CT rack, wiring of relays, testing and alterations in circuits, installation of power supply equipments & IPS, operating and  indication  panelor VDUs, data logger and networking, axle counter equipment, DG sets,  painting and lettering of all indoor gears, releasing of all existing indoor gears etc.
  • Erection of CT racks in relay room and termination of cables as per the  requirement andas per approved Cable Core plans, Painting and lettering on CT rack etc.
  • Removal of S&T infringements or shifting of signalling gears like LC gates, location boxes, signals, cables etc., and telecom gears like cables. EC post etc., to facilitate  the progress of earthwork and bridge work for double lines.
  • Outdoor work of trenching and  laying of cables, provision of RCC ducts, foundation  for signals & location boxes, wiring of location boxes, signal units, points  machines, DC track circuits, earthing arrangements, provision of MSDAC & HASSDAC with accessories, RE protection, erection of  electrical lifting barrier, painting and lettering of all outdoor gears, releasing of all existing outdoor gears after commissioning
  • Provision of Telecom facilities involving trenching and laying of Telecom cables (Six Quad /OFC) for BPAC/MSDAC/SCADA/TPC/control communication etc., as per  requirement, Jointing of quad/OFC cables, Erection of Emergency Control Phone (ECP).
  • Testing of all the indoor equipment and outdoor equipment of signals, points, track circuits. LC gates etc. for functional/operational requirements and carrying out necessary adjustments and modifications in consultation with Engineers.  Preparation of all associated indoor & outdoor documents related with testing and test reports. 
  • All documents  are  required to meet CRS, SEM, quality manuals and  RDSO policy guidelines. Firm is required to closely co-ordinate with the other agencies for Engineering & Electrical works in the section throughout and especially during NI/Pre-NI stages of work.

The above is not an exhaustive list covering all the works to be done under this Tender. Major works only have been listed for guidance.


The quantity of signalling and telecom cables indicated for supply in the schedule of work is tentative only. Additional requirement over and above the schedule quantity and requirement of any other type of cable will be arranged  by RVNL. Variation in the schedule quantity for supply of cables will be processed only in case the additional requirement cannot be arranged/met by RVNL.

Bidding Documents can be downloaded free of cost from RVNL website www.rvnl.org and  RVNL e-Tendering portal i.e https://rvnl.euniwizarde.com/.

Source: RVNL-Tender | Image Credit: Piyush goyal office- Twitter