RVNL invites tender for construction of tunnels and bridges in connection with New Single Line Broad Gauge Rail Link between Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri

Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) has invited bids under Single Stage Two Envelope Bidding procedure In Two Packages for Construction of tunnels T17 to T20 from chainage Km 50+900 to Km 62+900, station yard and works related to bridges and formation on approaches of such tunnels in connection with New Single Line Broad Gauge Rail Link between Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

  • Tender Reference Number: : RVNL-BBB-Tunnel-Works-PK6
  • Name of Work: Construction of tunnels T17 to T20 from chainage Km 50+900 to Km 62+900, station yard and works related to bridges and formation on approaches of such tunnels in connection with New Single Line Broad Gauge Rail Link between Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.
  • Advertised Value: INR 948.46 Crore
  • EMD: INR 02 Crore
  • Period Of Work: 30 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 24th January, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 23rd March, 2023
  • Pre-Bid Conference Date: 16th February, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 17th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 23rd March, 2023

Scope of Work:

  • The work is related to Construction of four main tunnels T17, T18, T19 and T20 and works related to bridges on the approaches of Tunnels, Open Excavation, Formation work, Development of station at Bilaspur & Beri, access roads, muck dumping area and related works from chainage km 50+900 to km 62+900 in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India in connection with new single line broad gauge rail link between Bhanupali-BilaspurBeri.
  • In addition to tunnels, it shall also involve the works related to construction of minor bridges, formation, station yards at Bilaspur & Beri, stability of slopes, drainage and any other related works on approaches of tunnels and bridges as per details of structures given below.
  • However, these chainages are for guidance purposes. Any change in the specified chainage as below shall not lead to any claim whatsoever on account thereof towards change of scope of work. Same terms and conditions shall be applicable on such changes, if any.
  • Wherever Tunnel works are referred in the document, it means “main tunnel no.17, tunnel no.18, tunnel no. 19and tunnel no. 20, portals, shafts, niches and associated tunnel works”. The chainage of tunnels shown in following paragraphs are indicative which may vary as per site requirement and detailed design without any claim on such account.

Tunnel Works:

  • For Tunnel T-17 : from km 51.945 to km 52.957
  • For Tunnel T-18 : from km 53.088 to km 53.691
  • For Tunnel T-19 : from km 54.735 to km 57.426
  • For Tunnel T-20 : from km 57.647 to km 59.800

Bridge Works:

  • For Bridge No. 62 : km 53.032 
  • For Bridge No. 62A : km 53.801 
  • For Bridge No. 62B : km 54.036 
  • For Bridge No. 64 : km 57.519 

Brief of the Project:

  • The Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri new Broad Gauge (BG) Railway line is a very important development project undertaken by the Ministry of Railway. The major portion of alignment of the new line falls in the outermost Sub-Himalayan and Lesser-Himalayan Mountain belt.
  • The proposed alignment of the project passes through Rupnagar district of Punjab and Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh.
  • The monsoon normally occurs in the mid of June to September. The starting point of this  link i.e. Bhanupali is existing on Sirhind-Nangal section of Northern Railway. The project  area in districts Rupnagar and Bilaspur are connected by National Highway no.21.
  • The physiography of the area can be divided into 4 units-Siwalik Hills, Inter Mountain valley of Sutlej, Kandi/Sirowal formations and Alluvial plains. These run parallel to each other. The area is drained by the Sutlej river basin. Project area is a part of the Sutlej basin.
  • There are seven main hill ranges in this area i.e. Naina Devi, Kot, Jhanjiar, Tiun, Bandla,  Bahadurpur and Ratanpur. Hence, the geological, geophysical and geo-technical studies  have been done along the alignment upto km 63 i.e. beyond the point in the scope of  present work.
  • Construction of Tunnels: Primarily, the work involves construction of tunnels. There are four tunnels between km 51.945 to km 59.800 of the alignment as detailed in preceding paragraphs. The length of each tunnel as given above is based on the alignment finalised during Final Location Survey.
  • The chainages of various tunnels are tentative and are for guidance only. These are subject to change based on Final Design and field requirements. No claim whatsoever shall be entertained on account of change in chainages of these tunnels. Bids for construction of tunnels are invited through this “Construct only” contract.
  • Construction of Bridges, Access Road and Roadbed: The work involves construction of Bridges between the chainages mentioned in the scope of work.
  • There are 4 Minor bridges between km 51.945 to km 59.800 of the alignment as detailed in preceding paragraphs. The Roadbed works including slope protection, minor bridges, drainage, retaining structures etc complete on approaches of tunnels to be done through this contract. The access / approaches to portals shall also be in the scope of work.
  • The contract for consultancy for Detailed Design of tunnels and structures have been  awarded for the portion of alignment covered under this contract. Geological features including Geological Plan and L-sections of the Tunnels are given in Annexure-7 of this Section.
  • Detailed Geo-technical investigations carried out so far and details of bore log/borehole locations are given in Annexure-6 of this section. The Geophysical Investigation Details are given in Annexure-8 of this section. The Alignment Plans and L sections of Tunnel T-17, T-18, T-19 and T-20 and Bridges are given in Annexure-9 of this section.
  • The conceptual span arrangements of Bridges in this proposed work have been planned with RCC Box structures. However, these may vary as per Final design requirements and no claim on account of such changes shall be admissible.

Status of other works:

  • The work of Final Location Survey (FLS) and related Investigation works i.e. geological mapping and geo-physical studies (Seismic Refraction and 2D Resistivity) have been completed.
  • Geotechnical investigations for Tunnel T-17, T18, T-19 and T-20 have been completed which includes 32 boreholes. Details of borelogs are enclosed as Annexure–6. Presently, construction of tunnels T1 to T16 is in progress and at different stages of work.
  • The X-sections of tunnels as adopted in these tunnels are attached for reference only. However, the design requirements shall be based on the Geological conditions.
  • The construction of five important Bridges along with Earthwork upto Km. 20 of the alignment of the project as well as foundation work on Major Bridges up to km 38 is also in progress. RVNL has recently invited “construct only” tenders for Major Bridges and Viaducts.


  • Technical Eligibility criteriaThe below stated criteria for eligibility of key members of collaboration of firms for BLT are for guidance of bidders.
  • However, latest policy instructions issued by the Ministry of Railways, RDSO shall govern. Some of these references are in Railway Board letters dated 06.02.2018, 25.05.2018, 23.07.2018 & 04.04.2019 on the subject.
  • The bidder can be a firm or a joint Venture (JV) firm or a collaboration of firms, from Indian/abroad having a written ‘Agreement’ or ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ to the effect that the firm shall be jointly and severally responsible for their portion of the work and shall be associated till completion of the contract. The bidder may consist of maximum three  members as under:
  • Prime Contractor: who has experience of construction of ballastless track system/ washable apron.
  • Designer firm: is a firm which has experience of design of ballastless track that has been successfully in operation and who can modify the proven system to suit the Indian Railway requirements as per technical requirements for ballastless track washable apron.
  • System Provider: is a firm, which has provided the proven ballastless track system/ washable apron of supplied proven fastening system.

The bidder should fulfil the following requirements:

  • The system provider should have successfully provided ballastless track system/ washable apron or supply fastening system which should have been in successful operation on mixed traffic conditions (freight as well as passenger train on the same track) for a minimum length of 5 km for ballastless track system washable apron with minimum axle load of 22T on goods train and operational speed of at least 130 Kmph on passenger train for main line washable apron for at least 5 Years since the date of operation as on date of opening of tender.
  • The prime contractor should have executed at least one single work of ballastless track / washable apron or construction of RCC structures such bridges etc. for a minimum 35% of length of advertised value of the work within the qualifying period i.e. last 5 financial years & current financial year.
  • For foreign firms, the tender value in Indian currency will be converted to equivalent foreign currency based on the exchange rate prevailing on the date of publishing of the tender.
  • Designer / firm should have experience of designing ballastless track/ washable aprons of at least 5 km length for ballastless track system/washable aprons, having satisfactory working performance for at least 3 years since the date of its operational as on date of opening of the tender.

About RVNL:

  • The company began its operation in 2005 with the appointment of a Board of Directors.
  • The company was granted Miniratna status in September 2013.
  • RVNL has been rated “Excellent” for the 9 successive years by the Department of Public Enterprises.
  • RVNL has also been ranked 1st amongst the Railway PSEs for the 4 times out of the last 5 years.
  • The turnover of the company for the financial year 2019-20 has increased by 44.44%.
  • The authorised share capital of the company is Rs. 3000 cr. with paid up share capital of Rs. 2085 cr.
  • The company has been listed after its disinvestment of its stake of 12.16% of the company through IPO.

Tender documents can be downloaded from website https://rvnl.org/active-tenders-new

Source: RVNL- Tender | Image Credit (representational): MoR