S.C. Railway completes electrification of 72.7 km route between Mahabubnagar-Gadwal

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The performance of South Central Railway with regard to electrification of railway lines during April – November 2022 is the highest by any Zone across Indian Railways during 2022-23.

More Details:

  • Giving a major thrust to Mission Electrification, South Central Railway has completed electrification works between Mahabubnagar – Gadwal for a distance of 72.7 Route Kms (RKm). With this, a total of 385 RKms have been electrified till date in the current financial year. This is the highest amongst all Zones of Indian Railways in terms of electrification done in the current financial year.
  • The section between Mahabubnagar – Gadwal stations has been electrified as part of Dhone – Kurnool City – Mahabubnagar; Secunderabad – Mudkhed – Manmad electrification project. This project was sanctioned in the year 2015-16 for the distance of 783 Kms at an estimated cost of Rs 900 Crores.
  • The portion between Secunderabad – Mahabubnagar has already been electrified as part of a separate project. With the section between Gadwal – Raichur already being electrified, both passenger and freight trains can now seamlessly travel from Hyderabad – Raichur and beyond with electric traction.
  • The electrification works have been proceeding at a fast pace in the current financial year, with focus being given to providing the last mile. This has resulted in the Zone commissioning 385 Route kms of electrification from 1st April, 2022 to till date.
  • The sections commissioned in the current financial year include: Washim – Hingoli Deccan for 46.3 Kms, Kalikiri – Tummanamgutta for 49.9 Kms, Khanapur – Latur Road for 98.7 Kms, Manoharabad – Kamareddi for 67.3 Kms, Aravalli – Nidadavolu for 32.8 kms, Bhavanapalem – Sattupalli for 14.3 Km, Gooty Bypass line for 3.2 Kms and Mahabubnagar – Gadwal for 72.7 Kms.
  • The electrification of rail lines helps in providing seamless movement of trains by avoiding change in traction power, reduces enroute detention of both the coaching and freight trains and improves the average speed of the trains.
  • It has the potential to introduce more trains in these sections due to the enhancement of sectional capacity. It is also an environment-friendly means of powering the trains, while saving fuel costs at the same time.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, South Central Railway has congratulated Officers and Staff of Electrical wing for the excellent teamwork and dedication put-up for executing the electrification works. The General Manager has also stated that the electrification works are being taken up by the Zone in various sections simultaneously and are progressing rapidly. He stated that the Zone is working at a fast pace towards 100% electrification of existing broad gauge lines across its rail network.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit: South Central Railway

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