SAINI is committed to becoming a top provider of e-mobility solutions to promote a sustainable future

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India’s railway components market is currently experiencing a period of explosive growth, driven by factors such as the rapid expansion of next-generation Rolling Stock, a focus on 100 percent electrification, and advanced technological innovations like higher horse-power locomotives and semi-high-speed passenger train sets. In this dynamic landscape, SAINI Group of Companies, based in Mumbai, has emerged as a trailblazing engineering and manufacturing company since its founding in 1975. Comprising two entities-Saini Electrical and Engineering Works and Saini Heavy Electrical and Engineering – the group boasts three manufacturing units, one service and maintenance unit, and two regional offices across the country. All of its manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-accredited for quality management systems. With rotating electrical machines as its core competency, SAINI has served clients in various sectors, including mining, steel manufacturing, cement manufacturing, and more. In 1998, the company entered the rail segment and quickly established a reputation for customized solutions, driven by its customer-centric approach and commitment to quality and reliability.

Mr. Harpreet Singh Saini, Head-Business Development, (Extreme Left), Mr. Jaipreet Singh Saini, Head-Rail Business (Centre), Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Saini, Head-HR & Finance (Extreme Right), Mr. Malkiat Singh Saini, Co-founder, (Extreme Left), Mr. Amarjeet Singh Saini, Co-founder (Centre), Mr. Manohar Singh Saini, Co-founder, (Extreme Right)

SAINI’s core team is a blend of the founders – Amarjeet Singh Saini, Manohar Singh Saini, and Malkiat Singh Saini – alongside seasoned technocrats with over 200 years of cumulative industry experience. With a vision to create mobility solutions that are future- proof and globally reliable, the team is focused on transforming the company by modernizing operations, developing new products, and enhancing human resources, all while upholding the company’s core values. The company is recognized for its top-notch products and services, which are characterized by exceptional quality, consistent performance, and robustness.

This is largely attributed to the in-house design and development centre that takes a customer-centric approach.Despite the transportation network facing widespread disruptions during the pandemic, SAINI’s factories continued to operate, ensuring that Indian Railways could continue serving the nation. According to Gurpreet Kaur Saini, HR and Finance Head, the employees are fully aware of their crucial role in achieving the company’s objectives, which ultimately aligns with their goal of creating and maintaining a world-class Rail Network.

As the Indian Railway Industry undergoes a major transformation with a focus on developing world-class infrastructure, SAINI is leading the charge by continuously upgrading its operations and keeping pace with the latest technological advancements. The team at SAINI understands that quality and reliability cannot be compromised in the Rail Segment and consistently works to ensure that their products meet the highest standards possible by maintaining a close relationship with their customers, actively seeking their input to identify areas for improvement in product design and specifications.

Harpreet Singh Saini, the Head of Design and Engineering Team and New Business Development, emphasizes the rigorous testing procedures that SAINI employs to ensure that their products are up to par.

The company has established numerous technical collaborations and technology transfer agreements with international partners to bring cutting-edge technology to India. With a customer-first approach, SAINI is heavily investing in technology development, manufacturing infrastructure, and skill development to position itself as a leader in its product segments. Jaipreet Singh Saini, the Head of SAINI Rail Business, asserts that the company’s roadmap is focused on becoming a leader in the e-mobility industry and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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