Salasar Techno Engineering emerges lowest bidder for electrification works for Remodelling of Delhi Metro’s Ajronda and Sarita Vihar Depots

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Salasar Techno Engineering Limited has emerged as the lowest bidder for electrification works for Re-modelling of Ajronda and Sarita Vihar Depots of DMRC MRTS Phase – IV.

The scope of work includes Part Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 25 kV Flexible Overhead Equipment and SCADA system for Re-modelling of Ajronda and Sarita Vihar Depots of INR 23.97 Crore. 

  • Tender Reference Number: DE-02 Lot 2
  • Awarded Value of Contract: INR 23.97 Crore

In August last year, the DMRC invited online bids for the Tender Reference Number: DE-02 Lot 2.

According to the tender document, for the remodeling and augmentation of 25kV Flexible Overhead Equipment of various lines and associated feeding posts at existing Ajronda and Sarita Vihar depots, the following items of works comprise broad scope of work:

  • Dismantling of existing OHE of various lines of depot and associated lines at grade/elevated including but not limited to OHE masts, portals, DA, Bracket Assemblies, contact & messenger wires, Jumpers, ATDs, Guy Rod assembly, OPC, section insulators, isolators, associated no. plates & caution boards, 25 KV/3.3 KV cable etc. wherever required inside depot.
  • Dismantling of E&M equipments including but not limited to, High Masts including light fittings, street lights poles with light fittings, High Bay lights, Distribution Boards,Pole lights, Industrial Sockets etc. wherever required inside depot.
  • Shifting and storage of dismantled material at contractor’s store including safe custody and security of the dismantled material shall be in the scope of the contractor till its removal from the contractor’s store.
  • Removal of dismantled material from DMRC premises shall be in the scope of the contractor.
  • Part Design of works as stipulated in Technical Specification of BOQ or elsewhere in the document. 
  • Supply and erection of 25 kV Traction Overhead Equipment/Flexible Catenary System for Elevated Lines and ‘At- grade’, lines (including Depots), and Switching Stations.
  • Supply and Erection of 25 kV cables.
  • Supply and Erection of 3.3kV Return Current cables.
  • Modification works, as required, at the relevant already erected installations like depot  FP etc.
  • Supply & erection of new Feeding post.
  • Supply and erection of LT and control cables from the Switching Station to the telecom  room in the nearest station/depot
  • Modification of existing SCADA system to integrate the new depot OHE equipments in existing SCADA. Civil works along the line and at depot feeding posts.
  • All Testing, SCADA testing, integrated testing and commissioning of all erected equipment.

As per the tender document , there will be no DDC for these works. The works to be executed under the contract include Part Design, Transfer of Technology, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning including integrated ITC, technical reports, Supervision of maintenance, training of employer’s staff and documentation for a complete system necessary to deliver the requirements of his specification.

About Salasar Techno Engineering Limited: 

Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. incorporated in 2007 is a provider of customized steel fabrication and infrastructure solutions in India. It provides 360-degree solutions by carrying out engineering, designing, fabrication, galvanization and deployment. Its products include telecommunication towers, power transmission line towers, smart lighting poles, Utility Poles, High Mast Poles, Stadium Lighting Poles, monopoles, substation structures, solar module mounting structures, Railway Electrification (OHE) and customized galvanized & non-galvanized steel structures. Salasar Techno Engineering Limited’s services include providing complete engineering, procurement and control for projects such as Rural Electrification, Power Transmission Lines, and Solar Power Plants. 

Source: Salasar Techno Engineering-Press Release | Image Credit: DMRC

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