Sandeep Gulati elevated to interim CEO of Egis India

Sandeep Gulati joined Egis India in November 2017 as the CFO – India and Asia. Recently he has been elevated to be the interim CEO of the company and to spearhead the future growth of the Egis Group in India.

Prior to joining Egis, he worked with Alcatel-Lucent as CFO, India and South Asia where his key challenge was to help the company consolidate its business in India and drive profitable growth. He was also responsible for driving process orientation, governance and compliance.

Sandeep Gulati was part of the telecom industry for over 15 years and has worked in leadership positions with organizations such as Ericsson and Huawei. Outside telecom, he has been associated with companies such as General Motors Corporation and SRF.

As a leader, Gulati believes in delegating work so that the team learns and grows and, at the same time, leaves him time to focus on business strategy. His emphasis is on devising long-term strategy and establishing flexible yet strong work processes to ensure that last-minute fire-fighting is not required. He feels that Finance today has moved far ahead of the traditional role of bean-counting to forming business partnerships. As a CFO, one needs to be adaptable to different situations and build strong relationships with internal and external customers. One of his key strengths is his ability to look beyond the maze of data and make the numbers speak the truth.

Gulati, a chartered accountant by profession, has imbibed the values of hard work and integrity from his father, who continues to be an inspiration for him. An avid sportsman, he enjoys outdoor activities and loves spending time with his mother, wife and son.