SCR completes 3rd line along with Electrification between Kolnur and Potkapalli

The significant 3rd line project in the Grand Trunk route of Telangana region viz., Kazipet – Balharshah project has been given further boost with the completion & commissioning of works between Kolnur and Potkapalli for a distance of 7.746 Kms, along with electrification and yard remodelling. The section between Kazipet–Balharshah is a vital rail link situated along the Grand Trunk Route connecting Northern with Southern region of the country.

  • The completion of the new section will provide continuous 3rd line facility for train operations along a stretch of 64 Kms between Potkapalli – Mandamarri, including the 3rd line o­n Godavari Bridge between Manchiryal & Peddampet.
  • The section between Kazipet – Balharshah o­n South Central Railway majorly comes under Telangana state, with a minor portion falling in the State of Maharashtra.
  • This main line provides crucial rail connectivity to many Cement clusters, Coal screening plants and Power Houses situated in this section.
  • Due to the continuous increase in both freight and passenger services in this route, the section had become Over-saturated.
  • To decongest this high-density section, the tripling works between Raghavapuram – Mandamarri for a distance of 33 Kms have been completed in the year 2016.
  • To further ease the traffic, tripling & electrification o­n the balance stretch of Kazipet – Balharshah section, for a distance of 202 Kms (Telangana-159 Kms & Maharashtra-43 Kms) has been sanctioned in the year 2015-16 with an estimated cost of Rs 2,063 Crore.
  • The execution of 3rd line works of the entire project is being taken up simultaneously in different sections and the works in all stretches of both Telangana & Maharashtra region are progressing in the fast pace.

Salient Features of the 3rd line and electrification commissioned between Kolanur and Potkapalli:

  • Construction of the 3rd line along with electrification has been completed for distance of 7.746 kms between Potkapalli and Kolanur.
  • As a part of tripling, Potkapalli yard has been remodelled with distributed Electronic Interlocking system consisting of 113 routes, 46 signals, 26 points and 50 track circuits.
  • Intermediate Block Signal has been provided between Kolnur and Potkapalli with modern type signalling.
  • The Non-Interlocking work has been taken up at a single stretch at Kolnur Yard, which has benefitted by reducing the train detention time.
  • Mid-section Level crossing gates have been interlocked in both directions.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway appreciated the efforts Team of both Secunderabad Division and Construction Organisation who have commissioned the work, with minimum impact to the train operations. He opined that completion of Kazipet – Balharshah tripling project eases the congestion in this Grand Trunk route and facilitates handling of higher number of trains in a more efficient manner.

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release