SCR completes major yard modifications along with Electronic Interlocking system at Vijayawada Station yard

South Central Railway has commissioned a major yard modification along with an electronic interlocking system in the Vijayawada yard to ease the train movements, particularly for trains operating between Secunderabad – Vishakhapatnam.

  • Vijayawada Junction is o­ne of the major junction stations over Indian Railways handling train movements o­n all four directions – North, South, East and Western parts of the country. 
  • Previously, there used to be train detention whenever there was simultaneous movement of train movements happening in the both directions of Secunderabad – Vishakhapatnam and Vishakhapatnam – Secunderabad directions. 
  • The detention of these train movements in-turn used to have a cascading effect o­n the movement of other trains movement as well.
  • To overcome these problems, remove lay-out related detentions, South Central Railways undertook the important yard modification of the Vijayawada Yard, particularly involving the Northern section. 
  • As part of it, a new cabin has been set-up, another cabin has been shifted and two existing cabins have been modified:
    • A New Bulb Cabin with Electronic Interlocking (EI) has been commissioned with 32 routes.
    • The New West Block Hut (NWBH) cabin has been shifted and commissioned with 20 routes to provide connectivity with the newly added line of 1.5 Km.
    • Two existing Cabins “Bulb Cabin” and “D Cabin” have been altered to take into account the new yard modifications.
    • As a result of these major yard modifications of this important junction station, it will:
    • Avoid surface crossings and allow simultaneous train movements, particularly for trains operating from Secunderabad – Vishakhapatnam and vice versa.
    • Avoid train detentions particularly for trains operating between Secunderabad – Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada – Vishakhapatnam
    • Enhance the sectional capacity allowing the possibility of handling more trains.
    • Enhance the average speed of the trains in the section.
    • Provide hassle-free and seamless movement of train movements through the yard.
  • Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager has complimented the Officers and Staff of Vijayawada Division, Construction organisation and Headquarters who were pivotal in execution and early completion of this new Infrastructure facility. 
  • He also opined that these major yard modifications pave the way for smooth operation of train services at Vijayawada junction, duly avoiding multiple crossings at this busy junction station.   

Safety inspection:

Meanwhile, Shri Gajanan Mallya undertook extensive safety inspection of Nanded Division from Akola to Purna 08th July, 2021. He was accompanied by Shri Upinder Singh, Divisional Railway Manager, Nanded Division and other Senior Railway officials.

  • Shri Gajanan Mallya commenced his safety inspection from Akola Railway Station, he inspected the entire station premises, circulating area, passenger amenities, station manager’s office etc.
  • He also inspected the Health Unit at Akola where he reviewed the health care systems and planted saplings towards green environment. 
  • The General Manager visited Shivni Shivapur Railway station in Nanded where he reviewed the facilities available at the station and examined the parcel, freight loading facilities at the Goods shed.
  • Further, Shri Gajanan Mallya along with Divisional Railway Manager, Nanded carried out rear window inspection between Akola – Washim section. 
  • General Manager inspected safety procedures and reviewed various safety aspects of the track, curves, bridges etc during rear window inspection. 
  • The General Manager inspected Washim Railway station where he examined the passenger amenities available.
  • He inaugurated the Permanent Way Office at the station and discussed o­n further developmental plans with the officials. 
  • He also planted saplings at Washim Railway station and received representations regarding developmental works from various public representatives.
  • The General Manager inspected Bridge No. 850/1A and Road Under Bridge between Malsailu – Navalgaon section. 
  • He inspected Hingoli Railway station and Goods shed where he examined the amenities available and discussed improvement plans. Later, he inspected Bridge No. 889/1A between Nandapur – Bolda section. 
  • The General Manager inspected Basmat Railway station, he examined the passenger amenities and facilities available at the station and also inspected the goods shed. 
  • He inspected LC gate 155/C in Bolda – Basmat section. 
  • The General Manager visited Purna Railway station where he inspected the entire station premises, parking, circulating area etc., and reviewed the health care facilities at the Health Unit.

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release