SCR completes Rajahmundry station Yard Remodelling in Vijayawada-Visakhapatnam section

The major yard of Rajahmundry railway station in Vijayawada – Visakhapatnam section has been remodelled and commissioned. With the commissioning of the remodelled yard, there will be drastic improvement in the train handling capability within the station yard due to the facility of simultaneous receipt and despatch of trains along with the new infrastructure modifications. It will also help in removing the existing bottlenecks at the station which is located nearer to the two Godavari Bridges.

  • The remodelling works for Rajahmundry yard have been sanctioned in 2017-18 with an estimated cost of Rs 27 crores. 
  • Earlier, the train operations at this station required running of trains at a speed of 15 Kmph for a distance of 600 meters as one side of the station is almost near and connected with the two important Godavari Bridges, resulting in extra detention to train movements. 
  • To overcome this, the yard has been completely redrawn and constructed with 40 points & crossings and Centralised Electronic Interlocking system with 260 + routes through which incoming and outgoing trains from Godavari Bridge can be dealt simultaneously. 

  • Non interlocking works were planned for 20 days but completed within 18 days i.e., 2 days ahead of the target. 
  • The entire work has been completed without any major disruption to train services.
  • Rajahmundry railway station is a major and vital rail link connecting the Southern part with East and East coast. 
  • Considering the importance and critical connectivity, General Manager Shri Gajanan Mallya has taken a special interest and monitored the work progress at regular intervals with both Principal Heads of departments and Divisional Officials of Vijayawada Division. 
  • The execution of work has been planned meticulously and carried out progressively with ladder-by-ladder suspension under the guidance of General Manager with direct supervision of DRM, Vijayawada.

Some of the important highlights of the remodelling work are:

  • New Platform lines have been constructed for 4 & 5 platforms by dismantling two old lines.
  • An additional new line has been provided by laying track to deal freight trains with 804 mts length.
  • New track machine siding has been developed.
  • New tracks have been laid to accommodate Accident & Medical Relief Vans with direct reception and dispatch facility.
  • 3 curves in the station premises have been realigned for better safety & movement of trains.
  • Advanced Electronic Interlocking system has been provided by increasing signalling routes to 263 to strengthen safety.
  • Provision of calling on signals on all starter signals to enhance train operations.
  • Two new crossovers have been laid to facilitate movements to MEMU car shed.

Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR has appreciated the outstanding efforts of all the team members who have exhibited all round performance in execution of the work at one of the major stations over SCR, without any dislocation of regular train services. He opined that commissioning of remodelled Rajahmundry yard will bring a paradigm shift in train operations and help in dealing increased number of both passenger and freight trains.

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release

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