SCR’s Hyderabad Division registers 100% increase in Parcel loading in current financial year till 21st Nov, 2020

South Central Railway has put special focus o­n transportation of essential commodities during the Covid-19 pandemic period and taking forward this program, Parcel loading in Hyderabad Division of South Central Railway has registered 100% increase in the current financial year till 21st November, 2020 when compared with the previous year loading in the same period.

  • The parcel transportation to the farther destinations like Howrah, Nizamuddin, Guwahati, Ludhiana etc helped in connecting more places for supplying essential commodities during the hour of need. 
  • It also led to register 40% more revenue than the previous year.
  • During Covid-19 emergent situation, the main motto of Railways was to keep supply chain intact so that the essential items of each and every household across the country should not be hampered o­n th e Nation’s interest. 
  • In this regard, SCR has been very prompt in introducing time tabled parcel trains. According to the prevailing demand, Parcel transportation has been carried out to farther destinations from Kacheguda railway station and other major stations of Hyderabad Division. 
  • For the convenience of cargo aggregators, Medchal station has been opened for parcel traffic during the lockdown period to facilitate hassle free and smooth transportation of parcels by Rail. 
  • For the first time o­n SCR, New high capacity LHB Parcel vans have been introduced in Time tabled parcel train bound towards Guwahati from Kacheguda which has been added advantage to load more parcels.
  • Till 21st November, 2020 during the current financial year, 
    • 265 Parcel vans were loaded to Nizamuddin 
    • 155 parcel vans were loaded to Howrah 
    • 66 parcel vans loaded to Guwahati
    • 19 parcel vans were loaded to different destinations like Ranchi, Shalimar, Chennai, Ludhiana, Korukkupet etc from Kacheguda, Medchal and other stations of Hyderabad division. 
  • This enabled loading of 12029 tonnes of parcels in 505 parcel vans during the current year while 6003 tonnes of parcels have been transported in 210 parcel vans last year.
  • Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, South Central Railway complimented Hyderabad division officials for their prompt and quick response during the pandemic situation which helped in transportation of essential parcel items from the division.
  • He also stated that time tabled parcel trains which were introduced in the current year has evoked huge response from parcel customers and this is a positive sign for the parcel transportation business of the Zone.

Recent Achievement:

Freight loading in Guntur Division of South Central Railway has registered robust increase in the current financial year till 12th November, 2020 with the consistent efforts of the railway officials & newly formed BDU team of Guntur Division and the support & valuable guidance extended by Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR. 

  • The Division has registered freight loading to the tune of 1.56 Million Tonnes which is 102% increase when compared with the same period in the previous financial year, which is 0.77 Million tonnes o­nly. 
  • The division also surpassed the previous year’s Total Freight Loading of 1.551 Million Tonnes.
  • Indian Railways has focussed o­n freight loading with the reduction in the operation of passenger train services in the current financial year. Accordingly, various freight concessions and incentive schemes are being announced by Ministry of Railways for the benefit of freight customers. 
  • In addition, the Business Development Units as envisaged by Railway Board to assist the freight customers in easing their hardships and also to concentrate o­n attracting new traffic and enhancing the existing loading so as to increase Railways share in transport sector are also yielding good results. 
  • The major factors contributed in achieving the highest freight loading in the current financial year by Guntur Division are:
    • The Food grains loading has been registered as 0.726 Million tonnes which is almost 300% more than the previous year (0.178 MTs). Division has significantly contributed to Prime Minister Gareeb Kalyan Yojana by transporting FCI Rice to Tamilnadu, Kerala and West Bengal during the Covid-19 pandemic times. During the current year, 5.3 lakh tons of Rice has been loaded additionally over the last year.
    • Clinker loading to the tune of 0.398 MTs has been done by the division which is 203 % more than the previous year (0.129 MTs).
    • Containers traffic to the tune of 0.117 MTs has been registered by the division which is 66 % more than the previous year (0.070 MTS).
    • A new stream of export traffic of Dry Chillies to Bangladesh has been started from the division and run first Indian Railways’ International Time Tabled Parcel Cargo Exp from Reddipalem to Bangladesh. So far, 12 freight rakes and 11 parcel rakes of dry chillies have been dispatched to Bangladesh.
    • A new Greenfield Private Freight Terminal served by Nagireddypalli station has been commissioned in the month of May, 2020 with a view to ensure essential supplies of food grains. So far, 51 rakes of food grains have been loaded from this terminal.
    • 12 rakes of Maize have been loaded from Nandyal, Nadikude and Reddipalem stations.

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: MoR

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