SCR’s Wagon Workshop, Rayanapadu wins ‘Most Innovative Environmental Project’ Award from CII

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Implementation of Green Initiatives o­n South Central Railway (SCR) has earned yet another recognition, with Wagon Workshop, Rayanapadu getting the award for “Most Innovative Environmental Project” by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). This prestigious award has been received by Rayanapadu workshop for presenting the project with regard to the best innovative practices implemented in overhauling of Wagons.

  • The competition has been held by CII in the month of July for “8th CII National Award for Environment Best practices-2021”. 
  • Among the 200 applicants, 36 companies were shortlisted, who accordingly presented their projects. 
  • Among them, a project by Rayanapadu Wagon Workshop was adjudged as the most innovative environmental project and has been awarded with a Trophy and certificate.

  • Shri Gajanan Mallya, General Manager, SCR congratulated Chief Workshop Manager, Rayanapadu Workshop and his team for obtaining the coveted certification and the recognition from CII. 
  • He also appreciated the determined efforts in maintaining the Greenery norms in their day to day working, which resulted in the unit receiving the award. 
  • The General Manager expressed his happiness for the consistent initiatives by all the Divisions and Workshops towards eco-friendly measures in order to get green certifications and green awards, which will help in environment protection and also reduce carbon emission.

Brief about the Wagon Workshop, Rayanapadu and the Project:

  • Wagon Workshop, Rayanapadu, located within the vicinity of Vijayawada city, is o­ne of the premier and modern workshops of Indian Railways catering to the repairs of broad gauge wagons.
  • The core activity of the workshop is Periodical overhauling of all types of Goods wagons such as Open, Covered, Flat, Tankers etc which are used for transportation of different types of commodities.
  • The workshop has the maximum green cover which is o­n a higher side as compared to other industries located in the surrounding areas of this workshop.
  • Earlier, in the month of February, 2021, the workshop received Green Co-Platinum rating from CII- IGBC.
  • The workshop has eco-friendly most sustainable Resource conservation machinery such as Welding Simulator, Roller Bearing Cleaning plant and Multi stage Robotic Distributor Valve cleaning machines.
  • The salient features of the project implemented in wagon workshop, Rayanapadu for achieving the best innovative practices in overhauling of wagons includes – Welding simulator with Augmented Reality technology which is used for imparting training to the welders. 
  • It helps in assessing the skill of the welders and guides them for improvement in weak areas.
  • Automated Roller bearings cleaning plant to ease the cleaning process and to enhance the cleaning quality of dismantled roller bearing components, duly avoiding manual cleaning.
  • Multi stage Ultrasonic Robotic Distributor Valve cleaning machines which reduce human interface for cleaning the intricate parts of the Distributor valves. 
  • It also helps in clearing both macro and micro particles by achieving cleanliness level up to 130 Microns.

Source: South Central Railway-Press Release

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