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“SENSIO” – SENSEDGE make Simulation Input and output system shall be used to simulate Field input and output of railway station/yard/junction during Site acceptance testing.

SENSIO reduces the manpower-utilization and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) time, improves the quality of testing by automating the process, and eliminates the cumbersome, conventional process of wiring in Simulation Testing.

SENSIO have been developed along with “SENSUITE” – a set of automated software tools used for validation of interlocking systems.

SENSIO has been successfully implemented and tested at various junctions of Indian Railways such as Jolarpettai (290 Routes – 5 Cabin), Dankuni (574 Routes – 3 Cabin), Bandel (1070 Routes – 4 Cabin), Chengalpattu (187 Routes – 3 Cabin), Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal (549 Routes – 3 Cabin).


SENSIO is an interface equipment used to validate the field input / output functions between PI/RRI/EI and field gears.

Our product is a first-of-its-kind with simplified architecture to suit all OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) with minimal interface wiring and simplified GUI (Graphical User Interface).

SENSIO has a highly efficient, distributed cabin architecture that reduces overall time spent on SAT.

Additionally, SENSIO can be used as an emergency non-interlocking panel by implementing the actual yard in the VDU (Visual Display Unit).

It can be used to facilitate effective precision training of S&T engineers and operators.


SENSIO is designed to simulate field input / output while repeating the same at the central unit block – thus making the whole process simplified and user-friendly.

It is ideal for installation at distributed interlocking stations (N number of goomties) for reducing manpower required in testing processes. The platform enables hassle-free and efficient SAT as it is compact, and highly reliable.

To make diagnostics and control easy within the simulation process, a PC-based application – SENSIO SIM – has been developed for interfacing the SENSIO system with VDU.

SENSIO Architecture:

SENSIO is an “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Make In India) product developed for Indian Railways.

  • In distributed interlocking, manpower at cabins is not required. This is unlike conventional systems in which manpower deployment is necessary during SAT process to operate simulation boards, as suggested by testing officials.
  • Moreover, SENSIO allows testing officials to monitor the status of remote cabins’ gear throughout the simulation process. This makes SENSIO time-sensitive and resource-efficient, with minimal scope for human-error.
  • SENSIO does not require any Q-style plug-in relays for simulation, drastically reducing the need for wiring. Consequently, consumption of wires and other accessories is minimal.
  • Modular design, ease in installation and minimal wiring reduces the complexity involved in simulation. Lastly, SENSIO can be reconfigured to suit the needs of a specific station, going beyond conventional simulation platforms which are usually fixed and specific to each station.

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