SER undertakes railway infrastructure improvement works during lockdown and unlock periods

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South Eastern Railway (SER) has emphasized o­n the massive developmental work in Railway infrastructure in spite of severe adverse situations being faced by the field workers and officers during lockdown phases in the country since 25th March, 2020 and continuation of COVID-19 unlocked periods.

The Civil Engineering Department of South Eastern Railway, taking it as a challenge, has stepped up its entire network in all the four Divisions viz., Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi and has done overall improvement of Railway infrastructure.

  • With the adoption of stringent measures in respect of strict observance of COVID-19 health protocols, the Engineering Department has intensified the maintenance of safety related works such as:
    • Track structure strengthening 
    • Track renewal 
    • Proper ballasting 
    • Regular checking of rail fractures 
    • Weld failures 
    • Painting of rails 
    • Proper greasing 
  • All the above works have been well attended and have achieved the annual target.
  • Apart from this, other works relating to improvement in reliability of track, raising of sectional speed, elimination of manned level crossings have been successfully completed by the Engineering Department during the month of November, 2020.
  • Consequently, there was no incident of accident from the engineering point of view taken place in the month of November. 
  • Incidents of rail fracture as well as weld failure have remained under control. 
  • In the month of November, 2020, o­nly 17 numbers of rail fractures were detected against 49 as compared to the corresponding period of last year which is 65% less than last year. 
  • As a part of elimination of level crossings, South Eastern Railway has closed down 3 numbers of level crossings during the month, resulting in a total of 24 of level crossings being closed down in 2020-21.

Recent Achievement:

South Eastern Railway during complete nationwide lockdown in the wake of covid-19 pandemic since 25th March, 2020 and different unlock periods, has been boosting up its entire network for the maintenance of rolling stock stabled in the workshops, car sheds and  at different yards in its jurisdiction.

  • The Mechanical Department of South Eastern Railway, during the period, has been, o­n regular measures, examining all the rolling stocks viz., coaches, wagons, parcel/ luggage vans etc.
  • With the stringent measures undertaken by the Mechanical Department of South Eastern Railway, 20 numbers of LHB coaches (10 AC and 10 non-AC) have been turned out.
  • 28 EMU/MEMUs have also turned out as against the target of 23.
  • Periodical overhauling of 22 AC coaches have already been completed. 
  • 60 numbers of BOXN Wagons were rehabilitated and converted into BOXNR. 
  • 6 electric locomotives were also turned out after necessary periodical overhauling. 
  • A total of 1556 rakes have been examined in the month of November, 2020 as against 1521 rakes which were examined in the month of November, 2019. 
  • Despite the hurdles and severe constraints in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, ROH of 1188 wagons has been done due to rendering excellent efforts by all the four Divisions in the month of November, 2020.
  • Apart from this, regular rake sanitisation of all the trains of South Eastern Railway has been done. 
  • Two numbers of automatic sanitiser dispenser machines have been installed at EMU Car Shed at Tikiapara.
  • This excellent performance has been achieved with proper guidance and encouragement by Shri P. K. Mandal, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, South Eastern Railway.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): South Eastern Railway

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