Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti reviews performance of Eastern and South Eastern Railway

Shri Anil Kumar Lahoti, Chairman & CEO, Railway Board, reviewed performance of Eastern Railway & South Eastern Railway in a meeting held at Eastern Railway’s HeadQuarter, Fairlie Place, Kolkata.

More Details:

  • In the meeting, Shri Arun Arora, General Manager, Eastern Railway & Metro Railway, Kolkata, Ms. Archana Joshi, General Manager, South Eastern Railway, submitted their presentation to Chairman & CEO, Railway Board, to highlight the performance of respective Zonal Railways in the current financial year.
  • In the meeting, CRB & CEO, Railway Board advised for fullest utilisation of budgetary grants in a well-planned manner for optimising the operations as well as progress of developmental works.
  • CRB & CEO, Railway Board further advised for sensitising at all levels for fulfilling the loading and earning target, fullest utilisation of capital expenditure and looking for new avenues of increasing revenue. Shri Lahoti also guided for exploring all possible means for increasing earnings.
  • The power point presentation of Eastern Railway revealed the stellar performance of this zone in 2022-23. In this financial year up to 21st February 2023, Eastern Railway’s freight loading reached 70 Million Tonnes and thus, this Railway aims to surpass the 80 Million Tonnes mark in the current financial year which is the highest ever.
  • The total revenue of Eastern Railway recorded Rs. 8432 crore in the first 10 months of the current financial year which is also highest ever for corresponding period of any year. The freight revenue of Eastern Railway recorded as Rs. 5196 crore whereas the sundry revenue and scrap sale stood at Rs. 277 crore and Rs. 322.7 crore respectively which are also highest ever in first 10 months of the FY.

  • In respect of capacity building, Eastern Railway is marching ahead with a high pace of progress. The entire Eastern Railway network is 100 % electrified o­ne of the world’s biggest electronic interlocking commissioned at Bandel with 1002 routes, electronic interlocking commissioned at Andal with 489 routes, 58 Km new line/doubling has been commissioned in current FY and another 62 km is likely to be commissioned by March 2023.
  • Eastern Railway is also the first zonal Railway to finalise ‘Kavach’ tender to boost safety in train operations. Eastern Railway is the best performing zonal railway in respect of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) ranking over Indian Railways since September in the current Financial Year which is appreciated by the Chairman & CEO, Railway Board.

Source: Kolkata Metro- Press Release | Images Credit: Kolkata Metro