Shri S.V.R. Srinivas, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA reviews Mumbai Metro Line-4 progress

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Shri S.V.R. Srinivas, Metropolitan Commissioner, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) on 13th July, 2021 visited the Metro Line 4 project site. He reviewed the metrorail project site, the overall project construction & instructed the team to speed up progress. 

  • Temporary Rehabilitation of PAPs was discussed for resolution
  • The Metropolitan Commissioner also discussed the installation of further safety barricades at various sites of the Metro Line 4 project & instructed to ensure that the safety barricades do not cause traffic congestion & barricades work be completed in 5/6 months maximum.

Dynamic Testing of Metro Train on Metro Line 2A & 7:

Meanwhile, the MMRDA has come one more but critical step closer to the dream of starting actual operations on Metro Line 2A (Dahisar to DN Nagar) and Metro Line 7 (Dahisar East to Andheri East).

  • From 19.62021, onwards with the availability of the first prototype train set, the dynamic test and trial run on a 20 kilometre stretch between Dhanukarwadi and Aarey on Metro Line 2A and 7 has been started.
  • With the integration of traction control and management system (TCMS) the said dynamic trial runs have been initiated.
  • Despite covid-19 induced lockdown situation worldwide which has further impacted the shipment of crucial systems and components from Italy, Japan, South Korea and Germany required for the running of prototype train was made available due to constant efforts and follow up made by the team.
  • Due to Flight disruption amid Covid-19 restrictions the availability of experts from Demark, France, South Korea, Finland,Spain for signalling and telecom understanding was not possible for nearly one year.
  • Therefore, synchronisation of propultion and brake system was done through video conferencing across three different time zones – India, Europe and Japan.

Dynamic trials:

  • Now during this Dynamic trial run period, the prototype train set of six cars will run at various speeds.
  • Various sub-systems and equipment will be tested under dynamic conditions.
  • Performance proving tests besides integration with signalling, platform screen doors, telecom will be tested.
  • This trial run will continue for about two months and only after that the first prototype train set manufactured by Bharat Earth Movers Ltd will be offered to RDSO for mandatory performance and safety testing which will take another two months.
  • The train will be then sent to the commissioner of railway safety (CRS) for inspection and certification.
  • Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Uddhav Thackeray on May 31st 2021 had flagged off the static testing between Dhanukarwadi and Aarey.

Commercial Operations:

  • The commercial operations on this stretch in Phase -1 is expected to begin in October 2021 with all passenger facilities such as lifts, escalators, AFC gates among others.
  • Before that, as agreed by the BEML a total of 10 train sets (two each month) will be delivered by the end of September 2021.
  • While the entire stretch of Metro Line 2A and 7 is expected to be ready for testing and trial run by the end of December 2021.

Source: MMRDA-Update | Image Credit (representational): MMRDA

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