Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy, MD of MPMRCL reviews the construction progress of Gandhinagar Depot

In a recent advancement in Indore metro connectivity, Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy, MD of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), visited Gandhinagar Depot to conduct a thorough inspection. He was accompanied by the General Consultant and Contractors at the inspection site to review the construction’s progress.

More Details:

Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy, Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL), recently visited Gandhinagar Depot to review the progress of the construction. The inspection was attended by other key officials, including representatives from the General Consultant and contractors. This visit highlights MPMRCL’s commitment to ensuring timely and efficient advancement of the metro project, which is set to enhance urban mobility in Indore.


  • In September 2021, the Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (MPMRCL) issued a tender for the construction of the Rolling Stock Depot cum Workshop at Gandhinagar for the Indore Metro rail project.
  • The contract was awarded to M/s KSM Bashir Mohammad and Sons in February 2022, with a project value of Rs. 247.64 crore and a completion timeline of 1092 days.

Some Key Facilities of Gandhinagar Depot:

  • Repair shops (Prefabricated Building) for major repair of Metro trains.
  • Inspection sheds (Prefabricated Building) for routine inspection of Metro trains.
  • Stabling shed (Prefabricated Building) for night stabling of Metro trains.
  • Covered offices for major repair & routine inspection of Metro trains.
  • P-way, S&T, E&M, Traction workshop and Office building.
  • Administrative Building, OCC & DCC
  • Training Centre & canteen building.
  • Metro Coach Unloading facilities.
  • Pathways and Inspection Platforms in Inspection, workshops and Stabling.
  • Pits in Inspection, workshops, stabling, Interior cleaning and Pit wheel Lathe.
  • EOT Cranes for Inspection, Workshops, ETU and PWL.
  • Approach ramp for main line tracks etc.


Shri Sibi Chakkravarthy’s site visit and inspection of the Gandhinagar Depot for the Indore Metro project reaffirm MPMRCL’s commitment to the timely and efficient development of urban transportation infrastructure. The collaboration and presence of key officials and contractors highlight the collective effort to enhance connectivity and support the growing urban mobility needs of Indore.

Source: Indore Metro | Image Credit: Indore Metro

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