South Central Railway commissions bypass line near Gooty railway station

Commissioning of the Bypass line at Gooty station eases the train movements between Gooty-Dharmavaram & Gooty-Renigunta lines, New Bypass line constructed for a distance of 3.2 Km at a cost of Rs 43 Crore.

More Details:

  • South Central Railway has undertaken several traffic facility works in recent times to facilitate smooth operations and easy handling of both passenger and freight trains across the Zone. Construction of bypass lines is o­ne of crucial works that have been taken up at major junctions to ease train movements.
  • Accordingly, a bypass line has been constructed at Gooty junction for a distance of 3.2 Kms with an estimated cost of Rs 43 Crores. This line is constructed joining Gooty – Dharmavaram main railway line with Gooty – Renigunta main railway line so as to bypass Gooty junction.
  • Gooty station is an important junction located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh handling trains in major directions towards Bengaluru, Renigunta, Dhone, Guntakal, Wadi. The station handles both the passenger and freight trains.
  • The trains coming from South direction i.e., Dharmavaram and proceeding towards Renigunta side have to certainly undergo engine reversal at Gooty station thereby leading to enroute detention in train handling at the station. To overcome this, a bypass line has been sanctioned at Gooty with an approximate cost of Rs 43 Crores.
  • There are already two cabins namely Gooty South and Gooty junction cabins with the latest Electronic Interlocking system. Now, the bypass line which has been constructed starts near the junction cabin. The junction cabin will now function as Gooty junction bypass cabin.
  • Accordingly, the EI system at this cabin has been modified and integrated with existing routes. The bypass line is also located adjacent to Gooty Town and a new building with a High level platform is constructed to facilitate train operations and passenger movements.

Benefits of commissioning the new Bypass line:

  • Provides seamless movement of train operations from Dharmavaram side to Renigunta Side and Vice- Versa.
  • Freight trains can now conveniently move through bypass lines, leading to enhancement in section capacity, by reducing incremental detention for other trains also.
  • Leads to improvement in average speed of the trains.
  • Enhances throughput and improves the utilisation of rolling stock.

Shri Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager, SCR has complimented the Officers and Staff of Construction Organisation and Team SCR who were involved in the completion of this crucial bypass line, along with necessary modifications. He also stated that the construction of a bypass line at Gooty will drastically improve the train operations and ease the movements of the trains. It also eases the movement of freight trains especially towards Thermal power plants, Cement sidings, Ports located in Kadapa and Nellore Districts, he added.

Source: South Central Railway- Press Release | Image Credit: South Central Railway