South Eastern Railway adopts several measures to improve safety performance

South Eastern Railway (SER) has been making efforts to improve safety performance in all respect. The utmost vigil in train operations and security of the travelling passengers are the basic principles of railway safety.      

  • Several corrective measures have been adopted by South Eastern Railway for safety improvement such as:
    • Massive renewal of railway tracks all over SER
    • Stringent monitoring of safety aspects
    • Use of modern technology for safety works 
    • Effective track maintenance
    • Improvement of signalling systems
    • Proper training of railway staff
    • Switching over to modern
    • Safe LHB coaches in place of conventional coaches etc.
  • Apart from these factors, all unmanned level crossings have been eliminated over South Eastern Railway. 
  • 50 Manned level crossings have also been eliminated for safety of road users. 
  • 18 Manned level Crossings have been interlocked and provided with gate stop signals to improve the confidence of the Loco Pilots and discipline the Gateman responsible for timely closing of gates against road traffic. 

  • Critical OHE Mast Implantations at 642 locations have been removed to eliminate the OHE Mast hitting and improve the safety of passengers as well as freight trains. 
  • Thick web switches have been provided in 122 points and crossings to improve the robustness of track in the most vulnerable areas. 
  • Block Proving Axle Counters (BPAC) have been provided in 39 block sections to ensure the closure of block section without human element intervention. 
  • Smoke Detection System and Fire Extinguishers have been provided in 33 AC and 506 Non AC Coaches respectively.   
  • Besides, Mock Exercises, mandatory safety audit, safety seminars, counselling of safety related staff have been done in regular measures. 
  • With round the clock activities, it has been possible for South Eastern Railway to neutralise the railway accidents and to improve the safety performance.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release

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