South Eastern Railway completes 100% railway electrification o­n all Broad Gauge routes at Kharagpur Division

South Eastern Railway’s Kharagpur Division had achieved 100% railway electrification o­n all Broad Gauge routes (774.4 Route Kilometres).

More Details:

  • Indian Railways is working in mission mode to become the largest Green Railway in the world and is moving towards becoming a “net zero carbon emitter” before 2030.
  • With the completion of electrification work of the entire Rupsa-Bangriposi section of Kharagpur Division o­n 09.02.2022, the division has achieved the milestone of 100% electrification of its total Route Kilometres. South Eastern Railway is the second Zonal Railway after West Central Railway to achieve 100% electrification.
  • Rupsa–Bangriposi (89 km) Electrification Project was sanctioned in the year 2018-19 at a cost of Rs.94.89 crore. The Electrification work of Rupsa-Bhanjpur Section (55 km) was completed o­n 30.03.2021. The electrification work of the remaining portion of the project i.e. Bhanjpur–Bangriposi (34km) was completed o­n 09.02.2022.
  • Out of the 1992.90 Tracks Kilometres, 98.55% (1882.67 TKM) has been electrified in Kharagpur Division. The target date of completion for the electrification of the rest Track kilometres is 30th June, 2023.
  • Kharagpur Division, now fully electrified o­n all Broad Gauge routes has helped in reducing carbon footprints and will also have an annual average Saving of Rs. 19.24 Cr. The Pace of Railway Electrification, which is environment friendly and reduces pollution, has increased at 9X speed since 2014.
  • Railways has planned electrification of Broad Gauge routes, which will facilitate elimination of diesel traction resulting in significant reduction in its carbon footprint and environmental pollution.

Electrification offers advantages like:

  • Environmental-friendly mode of transport
  • Reduced dependence o­n imported diesel fuel, thereby saving precious foreign currency and reduced carbon footprints
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Haulage of heavier freight trains and longer passenger trains with high haulage capacity of Electric Locomotives leading to increased throughput
  • Increased sectional capacity by eliminating detention o­n account of traction change.

Source: South Eastern Railway- Press Release | Image Credit: Piyush goyal office- Twitter