South Eastern Railway looks after electrical asset maintenance works during lockdowns

Maintenance of Traction Sub-station for uninterrupted power supply, maintenance of all lifts and escalators, air-conditioning equipments, maintenance of all electrical gadgets, fittings and fixtures, maintenance of pump houses etc. have been taken care of during the nationwide lockdown in the wake of COVID-19. Several Electrical Maintenance Depots are spread over South Eastern Railway (SER) to undertake maintenance of power installations.

  • During the lockdowns, the Electrical Department of South Eastern Railway has undertaken the work of:
    • Periodical Overhauling of 208 Track KM of Over Head Equipments (OHEs)
    • Intermediate Overhauling of 315 Track KM of OHEs
    • Annual Overhauling of 427 Track KM of OHEs
    • Periodical Overhauling of Annual Tensioning Device of 413 numbers
    • Maintenance of Traction Sub-stations at 81 places over SER

  • Also, Electrical engineers inspected 527 Electrical Locomotives stabled at different places over SER.
  • Besides, 9 New Electrical Locomotives have been commissioned during lockdowns.
  • In the field of General Maintenance, 14 Escalators, 40 Lifts have been properly maintained and kept functional.
  • Other maintenance works included:
    • 243 nos. of transformers
    • 818 nos. of Air Conditioning Machines
    • Overhauling of 78 Water Coolers
  • These apart, maintenance of devices and precautionary measures relating to electrical safety have been taken care of.
  • Emphasis has also been given to neutralize electrical accidents.
  • Safety tools and equipments have been looked into and maintained properly during the nationwide lockdowns.
  • SER has given due importance to maintain equipments like Solar Power Panels, energy saver LED light and signage spreading over SER jurisdiction.

The railway electrification has been increased in commensurate with increase of freight and passenger trains. The railway electrification has given advantage of faster and pollution free rail travel to all parts of India. The prime work of Electrical Department in railways is to look after Planning, Operation and Maintenance of all electrical assets which include Electrical Locomotives and Tractions.

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release