South Eastern Railway takes major initiatives for Signal & Telecom asset maintenance works

With the rapid growth of passenger and freight traffic, it has become necessary o­n the part of South Eastern Railway (SER) to modernize and maintain the signaling and interlocking equipment at stations o­n the important trunk lines and Signal Points in order to carry and ease the traffic movement.

Major S&T asset maintenance by SER:

  • During the nationwide crisis in the wake of Covid-19, South Eastern Railway has taken major initiatives in the works of Signal & Telecom asset maintenance all over its network. 
  • The maintenance of assets has been done in the area of Multiple-Aspect Signaling, Automatic Signalling, Route Relay and Panel Interlocking, Automatic Train Control, Signaling of Level Crossing, Public Address System, CCTVs at Stations etc.
  • Asset maintenance works in the field of Signal & Telecommunications include:
    • Commissioning of Sliding Boom in level crossings for safety of the road users.
    • Dual LVCD in stations for smooth train operations.
    • Power Cable Meggering at different stations for uninterrupted power supply etc.
  • The Signaling and Interlocking works have significantly ensured the safe and expeditious running of trains throughout the system.
  • This maintenance of Signal & Telecom equipment provided with railways is a never-ending process and South Eastern Railway has been doing this during lockdowns in form of old assets replacement, modernization and their execution.

Recent asset maintenance works by SER:

  • SER has taken major steps for Asset Maintenance works during lockdown.
  • In train movement, maintenance works of rail tracks, minor and major railway bridges, level crossing overhauling, renewal of sleepers, painting of rails in corroded areas, greasing of joints, raising of lines, railway bridge rehabilitation works, renewal of crossings, road safety works are the most important part of the infrastructure providing a guided path for the wheels to move and carry the massive loads.
  • Recently, maintenance work of as many as 58 major bridges has been completed. 
  • Altogether 1578 numbers of points and crossings and 767 curves have been thoroughly inspected by railway engineers.
  • The other works viz level crossing gates overhauling, renewal of sleepers, raising of platforms, road safety works, Foot Over Bridge girdering, renovations of stations toilets etc have been done during lockdowns.
  • Teams of railway engineers are working round the clock to keep safe, secured and well-maintained railway track.
  • The Engineering Departmentof SER has laid emphasis o­n railway track maintenance and renewal works.
  • These lengthy and massive railway assets maintenance works are supervised and maintained by Engineers, Section Engineers, Track-men having vast experience of keeping tracks in good and safe condition. 

Source: South Eastern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: Piyush goyal office- Twitter

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