South Western Railway transports Maize from Bagalkot and Vijayapura to Bangladesh

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On two consecutive days, the South Western Railway, Hubballi Division has loaded maize from Bagalkot and Vijayapura to Darshana in Bangladesh. o­n 20.11.2020, 2477 tonnes of Maize were loaded in 42 BCN wagons from Bagalkot. On 21.11.2020, 2484 tonnes of Maize were loaded in 42 BCN wagons from Vijayapura.  

  • This has opened up new avenue for export of agricultural produce from this part of the region. 
  • It has helped the farmers and merchants to market their produce beyond the country border. 
  • The freight transportation from Bagalkot and Vijayapura to Darshana in Bangladesh has helped the railways in earning a revenue of Rs. 74.07 lakh and Rs. 78.63 lakh respectively. 
  • However, the cost of transportation by Railways is very cheap and economical as compared to other modes of transport. 
  • Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, General Manager, SWR has appreciated the marketing efforts and initiative of Officers and staff of Hubballi Division led by Shri Arvind Malkhede, Divisional Railway Manager, which has mutually benefited both customers and Railways. 
  • He advised the Rail Users especially the farmers and Merchants handling transportation of agricultural produce and other essential commodities to utilise Railways for easy and hassle-free transportation of their goods. 
  • Railway is the fastest, safest and cheapest mode of transport, he added.

Recent Achievement:

With thrust given in o­n becoming easy, quick, economic and efficient transport for freight, loading has shown a remarkable surge over Indian Railways of late. After a relative slowdown during the first four months of the Lock down necessitated due to pandemic, freight loading has picked up o­n SWR consistently from Aug. 2020. The zone has been steadily loading over 3.0 Million Tonnes every month since then. 

  • After the setting up of the Business Development Units (BDU) o­n SWR both at the Zonal and Divisional Levels in Apr. 2020, the freight loading has picked up. 
  • A slew of freight incentive schemes and concessions were announced to give boost to freight loading and attract customers to use Railways as their preferred mode of transport of goods and to bring more and more commodities into freight basket of Railways.
  • Interactions are also being done by these BDUs with prospective customers for roping in additional freight traffic.
  • During this financial year, SWR has loaded 19.51 million tonnes of freight up to Oct 2020.  
  • In spite of the restrictions due to the pandemic, SWR has so far loaded 5.035 Million Tonnes of Coal to ensure uninterrupted power generation for the plants in Karnataka.
  • The Zone continued to load Hot Rolled Coil Steel from the steel plants and 4.768 Million Tonnes of Steel were loaded till Oct 20 during this financial year.  
  • Despite the lockdown due to pandemic SWR could load 10,000 + Tonnes of food grains and maintained the food chain in Karnataka.
  • During the month of Sept and Oct 2020, SWR has surpassed the freight loading target set by Railway Board and also corresponding figures of last year. 
  • During the month of Sept 2020, SWR has loaded 3.03 Million Tonnes of freight which is 4.48 % more that the corresponding period of last year. 
  • Similarly during the month of Oct 2020, SWR has loaded 3.22 Million Tonnes of freight which is 8.61% more that the corresponding period of last year.
  • SWR is striving to improve facilities and infrastructure at all loading and unloading terminals by improving approach roads, provision of better lighting, restrooms for workers etc to encourage loading.  
  • Monitoring of running of freight trains and ensuring availability of wagons for movement of freight is being done at highest level. 
  • The Zone has been able to achieve turnaround in loading duly observing all Covid related protocols like social distancing, wearing of face masks etc.
  • The highlight of this year’s freight loading is quantum jump in transportation of automobiles from Dodballapur, Penukonda, Kadakola, Hosur etc. o­n the average o­ne rake of New Millennium Goods has been transported from SWR every day of the month during October.

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR has informed that freight operations are being ramped up and all out efforts are being made to match last year’s loading by the end of current quarter. The zone is confident that with persistent efforts SWR will be able to surpass the loading targets set by Railway in the last quarter.

Source: South Western Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: South Western Railway

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