Southco Makes Safety Visible For Rail Panel Security

Author: Mr. Veeresh Manrai

General Manager, Business Development Southco India Pvt. Ltd.



With a refreshed logo look and under the new motto ‘Creating first impressions that last’, Southco, the leading global designer and manufacturer of engineered access hardware, has expanded their innovative product offering for rail interior and exterior application. Rail passenger safety and comfort are at the forefront for Southco.

To ‘Make Safety Visible’, Southco has a comprehensive product portfolio of mechanical and electro-mechanical latches and fasteners that offer a visual indication of the open/closed status and are destined for exterior and interior rail applications where an unlatched panel going unnoticed could have disastrous consequences for rail safety. Southco’s product innovations include a compression latch that features two colored wings that appear on top of the latch when in the unlatched position, which can be seen from over 5 meters away. Another product utilizes Southco’s expertise in positioning technology and includes a bistable cap which automatically flips open unless the latch is in the closed position. The breadth of products offering visual indication also reaches into Southco’s DZUS® Quick Access Fastener series which is one of the most recognized quick-release fastening brands and is the first choice for many of the world’s leading manufacturers across industrial and engineering sectors.

Southco has a portfolio of products that addresses the rail industry’s focus on safety and security. Southco has a multitude of EN45545 compatible solutions for fire safety, tool and key-operated lock options for improved access control, EN61373 and IP65 rated access hardware for high vibration resistance and dust and water protection, hidden latching solutions with remote actuation for vandal proofing and intelligent electro mechanical locks and latches for audited access control.

Rail passenger safety and comfort are at the forefront for Southco.

With the rail passengers’ travel experience in mind, Southco offers product solutions that enhance travel comfort. Based on the company’s profound engineering capabilities and decades-long experience in providing seating products to the automotive and aerospace industries Southco has positioning hinges and display arms for the simple and secure positioning of head and armrests, folding tables and screens as well as friction hinges for the easy lifting of heavy panels and covers. “Southco has been the trusted supplier for leading rolling stock OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for decades and we understand the unique design challenges and requirements of the railway industry. Having a sales and manufacturing presence in India furthermore enables us to respond to the specific needs of the Indian rail market,” says Veeresh Manrai, General Manager – Business Development, Southco India Pvt. Ltd.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.