Southern Railway completely eliminates unmanned and manned level crossings in Tamil Nadu

Around 639 Unmanned & 262 Manned Level Crossings have been eliminated in Tamil Nadu during the last 8 years. Unmanned Level Crossings are now completely eliminated in the state of Tamil Nadu. 

Further, 92 Road Over Bridges/Road Under Bridges have been commissioned in Tamil Nadu in the last eight years.

More details:

  • Railways accord paramount importance to the safety of train operations as it is crucial for the safety of rail passengers as well as road users who come in contact with railway lines.

Road Over Bridges/Road Under Bridges:

  • In order to facilitate uninterrupted and safe movement of both rail and road traffic in the areas of rail-road interface, Railways, in coordination with civic authorities construct Road Over Bridges(ROB), Road Under Bridges (RUB) and Limited Use Subways (LUS). ROBs, RUBs and Limited Use Subways enhance the safety of train operations besides improving the speed of trains.
  • During the 8-year period from 2014 to 2022, 92 Road Over Bridges & Road Under bridges have been commissioned in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Elimination of Level Crossings:

  • Focusing o­n curbing trespassing accidents involving road/rail commuters and road vehicles at level crossings and enabling smooth flow of road/rail traffic, Railways are eliminating Level Crossings o­n mission mode. In lieu of Level Crossings thus eliminated, ROBs/RUBs and Subways are constructed.
  • In the state of Tamil Nadu, a total of 639 unmanned level crossing gates have been eliminated during the 8-year period from 2014 to 2022. 262 manned level crossing gates have also been eliminated since 2014.
  • Enhancing safety, 100% elimination of unmanned level crossing gates was achieved in September 2018 in the rail network spanning over Tamil Nadu state. Manned level crossing gates are being eliminated in a phased manner by Railways.
  • With unswerving efforts reiterating safety, Indian Railways is committed to enhance the safety of train operations. Road and Rail users are requested to cooperate with Railways duly following all the safety precautions and adopt safe practices.

Source: Southern Railway -Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR