Southern Railway gets Rs. 3855 crore as budgetary allocation for the year 2021-22

Indian Railways received the highest ever Plan Capex of Rs.2,15,058 Crores this year with Rs.7,500 Crores from internal resources, Rs.1,00,258 Crores from Extra budgetary resources and Rs.1,07,300 Crores as Gross Budgetary Support.

  • Southern Railway has been granted an amount of Rs.3855 crore as budgetary allocation for the year 2021-2022.  
  • The outlay is Rs.1296 crores for doubling, Rs.178 crores towards gauge conversion and Rs.224.57 crores for passenger amenities.
  • Budget Grant for Passenger Amenities for 2021-22 at Rs. 224.57 Crores is the highest ever allotment under this head for Southern Railway.  
  • Budget Grant for Passenger amenities has increased by 13.35% over previous year’s grant with Rs.100 Crores provided from the Capital itself.  
  • Considerable Grant allotted for Soft Upgrades at Stations (Rs.89 Cr.) and for FOBs and PF raising (Rs.87.52 Cr.).
  • For enhanced thrust o­n safety of train operations, Rs.1116 Crores has been allotted for Track renewal works over Southern Railway. 

Budgetary Grant (BG) under various Plan heads:

PH No.Plan HeadBudget Grant (In Crores)
11New Lines (Construction)95.00
14Gauge Conversion178.01
16Traffic facilities10.00
21Rolling Stock75.33
22Leased Assets-Payments of Capital components1028.02
29RSW – LC 92.78
30RSW – ROB/RUB415.61
31Track Renewals679.00
32Bridge works215.00
33S & T Works146.30
36OEW Works incl. TRD58.31
41Machinery & Plant26.32
42Workshops & Sheds51.43
51Staff Welfare51.66
53Passenger Amenities224.57
64OSW Works72.76
71Stores suspense981.27
72Manufacturing suspense1257.32
73Miscellaneous advances0

Budget grant for important o­ngoing works:

Sl.NoPlan HeadSectionBudget Grant (In Rs. Crores)
1.New LineMadurai – Tuticorin Via Aruppukkottai (143.5 km)20.00
Rameswaram – Dhanushkodi (17.2 km75.00
2.Gauge ConversionTiruchchirappali – Nagore- Karaikal with extension of Nagapatinam – Velankani – Tiruthuraipandi incl. new material modification of Karaikal – Peralam (23 km)88.99
Quilon – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur & Tenkasi – Virudhunagar (357 km)2.0
Cuddalore – Salem via Vriddhachalam(191 Km)15.00
Madurai – Bodinayakkanur (90.41 km)71.01
3.DoublingKankanadi- Panambur Patch doubling (19 km)40.00
Tambaram – Chengalpattu – 3rd line GC60.54
Kuruppanthara – Chingavanam (26.54 Km)170.00
Ambalapuzha – Harippad (18.13Km)15.00
Ernakulam – Kumbalam patch doubling (7.71 Km)10.00
Omalur – Mettur Dam Doubling with Electrification(29.03 Km)25.50
Kumbalam-Thuravur Patch doubling (15.59 Km)10.00
Trivandrum – Kanyakumari (86.56 Km)275.00
Madurai-Maniyachchi-Tuticorin (160 Km)300.00
Turavur – Ambalapuzha (50 Km)10.00
Maniyachchi-Nagercoil (102 Km)200.00
Netravati – Mangalore Central(1.5 Km)5.00
Salem – Magnesite Jn-Omalur (11 Km)35.00
Chennai Beach-Chennai Egmore (4.3 Km)5.00

Budget Grant for important o­ngoing Electrification works:

Sl.No.SectionBudget Grant (In Rs.Crores)
1Villupuram – Cuddalore Port – Mayiladuturai- Thanjavur & Mayiladuturai – Thiruvarur40.00
2Kollam – Punalur19.29
3Shoranur – Mangalore – Panambur4.12
4Pollachi – Podanur4.43
5Dindigul – Palghat86.93
6Tiruchchirapalli – Manamadurai – Virudunagar76.57
7Salem – Vridachalam – Cuddalore Port50.22
8Virudunagar – TenkasiJn54.45
9Tiruchchirappalli – Nagapattinam – Karaikkal Port11.09
10Sengotta – Tenkasi Jn. – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur70.95
11Madurai – Manamadurai Jn.- Rameswaram87.76
12Shoranur – Nilambur28.14

Important New works sanctioned:

Track Renewal Works
Sl.No.Name of the workAllocationSanctioned
1PB No.786: Southern Railway

Primary Track Renewal namely TRR & TSR (Umbrella work 2021-22)

2PB No.787: Southern Railway Complete Track Renewal (Primary) (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK190.95
3PB No.788: Southern Railway Through Fastening renewal, Through Ballast renewal, Through Formation Treatment, ISD, TBTR and Through Weld Renewal, etc. (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK338.64
4PB No.789: Southern Railway Through Turnout Renewal, Removal of SEJs, Glued Joints, etc. (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK318.22
5PB No.790: Southern Railway Secondary Track Renewal namely CTR, TRR & TSR (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK63.49
PH-32 Bridge Works, Tunnel Works and Approaches
6PB No.844: Southern Railway Replacement of girders/slabs, rehabilitation/strengthening of sub-structure & super-structure, rebuilding of bridges, bridge protection works, instrumentation &  monitoring of bridges and additional waterway (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK150.00
PH-36  Other Electrical Works, Including TRD
7PB No.906 :Southern Railway Replacement /Maintenance works of traction distribution over Indian Railways (Umbrella work 2021-22)RRSK170.00

Source: Southern Railway-Press Release | Image Credit: Southern Railway