Southern Railway’s Rameswaram railway station redevelopment progresses at a brisk pace

Southern Railway is focusing o­n revamping major stations as part of the flagship Station Redevelopment programme of the Ministry of Railways. Rameswaram railway station features in the list of the nine stations taken up by the zone for redevelopment in the first phase and is set for a world-class makeover.

More Details:

Works executed so far:

  • Preliminary works such as Mapping of existing assets and Topographical survey, geotechnical investigation,  tree inventory, joint inventory of movable and immovable assets have been completed Drone video survey of existing assets completed.
  • Shifting of materials and facilities completed  to accommodate the redevelopment works.
  • Construction of offices for contractors in progress.
  • Setting up of a batching plant is in progress.
  • Project management Services have commenced work.
  • Right of way, which is a legal right to enter and carry out the work, has been handed over at 11 locations to the EPC contractor for carrying out the work.
  • A series of meetings are held with the stakeholders of the project.

Rameswaram Railway station:

  • Rameswaram Railway Station (RMM) which acts as a terminus, an end station, to the Madurai- Rameswaram line. This NSG-3 category station witnesses an average passenger footfall of 9000 daily.
  • The station is prominently located o­n the Pamban Island and is about 40 km from Mannar Island, Sri Lanka.

Award of contract:

  • Southern Railway had awarded the work of Redevelopment of Rameswaram Railway Station o­n 22nd September 2022 as EPC contract to M/s. SABARI Constructions-M/s URC Constructions Joint Venture at a cost of Rs. 90.20 Crores, setting a time frame of 18 months for completion of the project.
  • M/s TUV India Private Limited, Mumbai have been tasked with the work of Project Management services (PMS) at a cost of Rs.4.41 Crore. The PMS consultant is responsible for monitoring the execution of the project.

Roadmap to Redevelopment:

  • Two terminal buildings are proposed to be constructed, o­ne each at the Eastern and Northern side. The architecture of the terminals will reflect contemporary adaptation of the traditional temple architecture of Rameswaram temple.

Eastern Terminal Building:

  • Proposed East Terminal Building, with a total built up area of 7158 sq.m, is planned as a two-storey structure; however the foundation will be made for G+6 structure to cater to future requirements.
  • This terminal building will provide direct access at ground level to Platform 1, 2 and 3 as existing today. O­nly Platform no. 4 requires usage of Foot over bridge. The eastern side terminal building will have a roof plaza linking access to Platform no. 4 and proposed platform no. 5 and the forecourt area in front of the station building.
  • 2 Nos. of Escalators and 4 Nos. of lifts are proposed in the Forecourt and roof plaza area for convenience of passengers. The building is designed to provide hassle free movement of passengers as there will be segregation of departure and arrival passengers.

  • The terminal will house a booking office, waiting areas for the passengers, toilets, railway office spaces and space for commercial activities. The Roof Plaza and Concourse to Platform 4 & 5 will facilitate seamless movement of passengers to various platforms. 


  • A spacious Forecourt,  circulating area being redeveloped independently for arrival and departure, in front of the Eastern terminal building will be dedicated for pedestrians and a drop off area for vehicles.
  • This will allow seamless movement of passengers and road vehicles. Forecourt proposed with roof shelter will act as a breakout space and waiting area for passengers and pilgrims that come in groups and thus reduce the gathering and congestion in the platform area.
  • The arrival forecourt at the terminal will sport dedicated areas for pickup by auto/ taxi etc. The architecture of arrival and departure forecourt will reflect the corridors of Ramanathaswamy temple.

Northern Terminal:

  • The Northern Terminal will be a single-storey structure and planned exclusively for administration offices and offices for departments concerned with train operations.

Revamping of existing platforms:

  • The existing platforms are planned for a complete revamp to match the aesthetics and ambience of the new station buildings.
  • Further, dedicated parking facilities, RPF block, New substation building with restrooms, Staff quarters and New Parcel office with separate entry duly segregating passenger movements are also proposed to be constructed.

Source: Southern Railway- Press Release | Images Credit: Southern Railway