Special Article: Enhancing Amplitude Through Excercising Skewness

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One firm used to focus on aggregate customer needs in 19th century whereas instantaneous changing environment of multiple demands at a time necessities usage of multiple suppliers to address individual customer needs. Also, being worth to mention that not all resources and competencies are resident in a single organization. Transcending age compels existence of multiple small innovation houses as new technologies are incubated and nurtured in small firms and this being essence of raising amplitude to bring efficiency.

Any delivery focus centre must possess six sigma and low cost as integral building blocks of the system, to meet Indian Railways ambitious objective of higher speed & payloads with safer operations that invites shorter technology refresh cycles. The role of incubator way of evolved various skewed panelled vendors is key to mark India’s global footprint in much getting impetus railway arena. A hand holding of these vendors shall always be hitting refresh cycles of emergent trend of innovations.

Indian Railways (IR) is the identity managing the largest network of 1,23,236 Km of tracks & 7,349 stations. It manages on daily basis 23 million passengers & 3 million tonnes of freight and wants to have 10% of global market share in terms of freight by 2030. High volumes of passengers & freight traffic entails to develop expertise in manufacturing rails, sleepers, signalling equipment, locomotives, passenger coaches, freight wagons & electrification related equipment. Production & maintenance of enormous consolidated assets worth US$69 billion need robust based vendors to meet expectations for large variety of materials.

Task of vendors management to harness effectiveness has been assigned to RDSO. Vendors bank comprises to cover mammoth all facets of works as civil, track, structures, carriage, wagon, locomotive, signalling & telecommunication, works and maintenance & operations. The vendors are categorized as Approved Vendors who possess requisite infrastructure to produce consistently quality material and Developmental Vendors for having infrastructure facilities on satisfactory demonstration of production of samples.

SMEs of India play an important role in railway sector, manufacturing and proper assistance shall be enabler of climbing up technology curve. There are more than 10,000 SMEs working with IR. Modernization of railway system through indigenous innovations & technology transfers will enhance passenger share by increasing speed of trains with escalation of track infrastructure & passenger coaches, freight share needs readiness of higher load carrying freight wagons for shortly accomplishment of dedicated freight corridors.

Traversing in horizontal direction by series of suppliers for purpose of growth may come out in various skewed dispersion with noncoinciding positioning of mean, mode, median and effective collaboration of various component yields symmetric dispersion against individual asymmetric. And, interrelating skewed delivery of series of suppliers with last thread of information architecture brings breakthrough to cover wide spectrum of inside country drive as well leveraging local manufacturing readiness & setup in attaining sizeable share in global rail market.

Modernization of Indian railways has propelled the need for energy-efficient rolling stock with optimized train shaping & aerodynamic designs, high on reliability, speed, safety, and efficiency. An efficient railway from a national perspective maximizes revenues and minimizes costs to provide desired level of service. Key overarching reasons for differences in efficiency appear to be differences in a competitive framework that can be aligned with high asset utilization with improved labour efficiency where train operators and infrastructure becoming complement to each other to bring focus back on customer experience to scale its amplitude.

The robust spectrum of performance analysis of vendor narrows down expected costs from planning perspective to final costs at time of execution resulting in symmetrical bell-shaped curve. The analysis clarifies that final costs are not always higher or lower compared to their estimates. As well, choosing wide varieties of vendor increases transparency and reduce costs in order to improve project planning, thereby, ensuring optimal resource allocation of resources between emerging priorities of new line, rehabilitation, upgradation, signalling, telecommunication & electrification in continuously enhancing market share to reach the objective. Efficient collaboration of requisite inputs of numerous SMEs with constant tab on measures of dispersion lead to phenomenal outcome of its deliverance.

IR is essentially a rolling stock company which acts as backbone of the system. Above graph depicts that investment in infrastructure is more skewed than rolling stock where infrastructure emphasis only came few years back. Benchmarking can be useful for identifying key differences between nations and for uncovering potential solutions. The maximization of revenue necessitates consistent focus on various variables such as rolling stock & infrastructure. Reducing gap on measures of dispersion as being exercised in above graph results in higher amplitude of the objective “Revenue” as gap between normal distribution of two series narrows down.

Practicing the subject methodology facilitates adoption of new competitive advantage through SME on adversity of products and services. Exhibit of distribution curve of various segments of rail comprising rolling stock, infrastructure, rail control, turnkey management & services being mapped over several competencies to arrive the wholistic single index of core competency, being defined as competency bringing global differentiator and thus, reaching the imaginative unreached. Desire is the inception of occurrence of any event of uniqueness. Blueprint that comes out from desire on account of creative imagination gets converted into reality and its extent of impact governs by resultant amplitude in collaborating series of altitude attained in various skewness.


Mr. R. K. Pandey, Head International Business, Core Infra (Transportation, T&D) – Tata Projects Limited 

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