Specialty Fasteners for Railway Projects in India

Randack is a family owned Business House, located in Germany, with its roots in the business excellence of Specialty Fasteners. In Germany, it is a third generation family business running since last 60 years.

Introduction: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT, BRTS, busway, transitway) is a bus-based public transport system designed to improve capacity and reliability relative to a conventional bus system.

The Indian subsidiary Randack Fasteners India was formulated in 2008 spread across 8 acres of land located in Pune, Maharashtra, with a vision to cater to the specialty Fasteners business in India. It is headed by Mr. Sateesh Bhide. The company is a joint venture between two German companies – Randack Spezialschruauben, Germany & Klaus Union, headed by Directors – Mr. Jens Randack and Mr. Thomas Eschner respectively.

Location India : Randack Fasteners India is an exemplary theme of India’s ability to match World class manufacturing practices and meet the requirements of Indian & Global supply chain. With the entire railway sector industry booming at a rapid rate, there are no limits for growth to the right entrepreneur. We at Randack are proud to say that we have honored our honorable Prime ministers “Make in India” initiative and are exporting specialty fasteners across the globe. With this we have certainly observed a bullish growth in the skill, knowledge and test facilities with the manufacturers in India.

Platform Screen Doors – full height & half-height are often used in ground stations, convenient to look-through and easy to install making them apt for BRT systems

Range of Customers : Some of our Customers range from Renewable energy Sector – Wind, Hydro, and Thermal to Transportation Sector – Railways and Aerospace to other verticals like Construction, and Gas Engines etc. Basically we have our presence in all types of industries where the customer respects the criticality of fasteners and it is not considered as a “C” Class hardware.

Advantages and Products offered by RF Randack group as a whole is not only a fastener manufacturer, but also a solution provider. Having a Global presence (Europe, US and India), we can cater almost off the shelf to urgent customer requirements. Our range of products include various types of high tensile Bolts and nuts ranging from sizes M24 and above, all hot forged and consisting high alloy steels, and special steels.

Solution Provider : RFI has always been associated with taking up new challenges and innovations leading to cost saving and process improvement both for the customer and self. Customers come not only for supply of fasteners, but we help develop the right hardware for them many times. With a strong back up of German Technology and our Knowledge of materials and processes we are able to support Customer design their requirements.

In house special processes : In addition, we have a specialized line of Zinc Flake coating under license of Dorken, which makes us a unique combination of manufacturing and specialized coating. We also added in year 2018 a heat treatment facility which is equipped with state of the art equipment, supported by a very well equipped material testing lab which is NABL accredited and professional technical staff to provide our customers a broad range of experience to deliver their requirements.But the cutting edge is the zeal for quality and trust that we build in the customer mind.

Distribution network:


  • In Europe : Randack Spezialschruauben, Hagen Germany.
  • In Asia and Middle East : Randack Fasteners India, Pune Maharashtra, India
  • In South and North America and Canada: Randack Fasteners America, Illinois Chicago

Randack Fasteners India Pvt. Ltd.

This article is a part of our June 2019 Magazine.

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