Sri Radha Constructions JV bags contract for Architectural and MEP works for Phase-I

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The CMRL has issued a letter Acceptance to M/s R. Ramesh & M/s Sri Radha Constructions (JV) for the work  Execution of diverse civil, architectural and MEP works in operational portions of CMRL Phase-I including minor modifications in existing works

  • Tender No: CMRL/CON/Phase-I/MW-UG-01/2021
  • Name of the work: Execution of diverse civil, architectural and MEP works in operational portions of CMRL Phase-I including minor modifications in existing works
  • Accepted Contract Amount: INR 111387822.00
  • Work Completion Period: 540 Days

In October last year CMRL had invited a tender for Tender Number: CMRL/CON/Phase-I/MW-UG-01/2021

Scope of Works:

The scope of work in brief is provided below, but the scope includes all other requirements stipulated in various parts/volumes of the contract document including appendices and annexures.

  • Design validation and construction of permanent and temporary works for works instructed by the Engineer.
  • Architectural works at stations including removal and/or reinstallation and/or repair and/or replacement of finishes for the civil works (such as screeding, blockworks, doors/fire doors, floor finishes, wall finishes including handrails, balustrades, Conduits, MEP items, etc., coming under the contract along with all necessary inserts, hinges, nuts & bolts, etc complete for full completion of works as per requirements, drawings and documents.
  • Replacement of work out items, return of removed items which are suitable for reuse (as decided by Engineer), disposal of discarded items/ debris/ waste generated during works instructed, and complete renewal of such work out components including supply, installation, testing and commissioning as applicable.
  • Modification of installed components (if required) including re-alignment, welding, cutting and bending, augmenting available length/components as instructed (including welding additional grab rail/ rails/ handrails, etc) including supply of necessary additional material to match with the existing and finish with quality so that the modification is not noticeable/apparent and in compliance with Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons (published by CPWD).
  • Survey, levelling including necessary earth work, getting permissions required for footpath modification works, road works, ground reinstatement related works, etc as instructed.
  • Site clearance, including tree felling, tree protection and the fencing, barricading and securing of the site areas and work areas.
  • Monitoring and protection of existing building structures during works including rebuilding, repair or restoration of any adjacent structures affected by works (not payable extra for precautionary works).
  • Demolition and slicing of existing structures, roads, utilities and other services etc. as necessary for the execution of the works and disposal of debris.
  • All temporary works associated with construction of permanent works including scaffolding, centering, shuttering, dewatering, drainage provisions, temporary lighting, barricading, site security, etc.
  • Wherever necessary, it is to be ensured that minimal disruptions to the general public and traffic flow are arising from works.
  • Relocation, protection, Temporary support, diversion and reinstatement of station utilities to the satisfaction of the Engineer without additional cost to the Employer.
  • Removal and storage of reusable/ serviceable items such as false ceilings, granite slabs, tiles, glass, frames, doors, grills etc. as per contractual requirements and handover to concerned Engineer.
  • Modification of fire doors including removal and replacement with suitable alternative two-way swing fire rated doors or its equivalent and in compliance with Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons (published by CPWD).
  • The contractor shall be responsible for obtaining relevant certificates or clearances from local civic authorities if required.
  • Developmental works including construction of compound walls, fences, grills, gates, provision of louvres (including structural support system) for covering, checkered plate gratings, etc as instructed by the Engineer.
  • Other works as stated in Employers Requirements, Outline specifications and Employer’s Drawings or as instructed by the Engineer.
  • Sufficient number of dewatering systems and drainage pump arrangements needs to be provided at all work sites.
  • Rainwater harvesting system work
  • Temporary ventilation, Water supply, air conditioning, Plumbing and lighting in stations, tunnels and ancillary structures as required for the works.
  • The Contractor should note the existing land constraints in the station boundaries (as is where is basis) and no further land will be made available by the Employer. Contractor shall make suitable arrangements for site office, storage, etc for the works. In addition, for works planned outside the CMRL operational areas, permission from relevant authorities may be obtained by the Contractor.
  • While working in the operational areas (tunnels, cross passages, walkways, public areas of stations, equipment rooms, etc), the Contractor shall ensure that no material is stacked/ stored which can adversely affect the operations, disrupt public circulation or cause damage to CMRL.
  • Contractor shall follow the Engineer’s instructions including keeping doors closed in tunnels after work, removal of staging/barricading in operational hours, safety during storage, housekeeping in operational areas, removal and safe disposal of waste/debris etc as this has serious importance in terms of operational requirements and safety.

Source: CMRL-Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): CMRL

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