Steady progress in the redevelopment of Madurai Junction

The redevelopment of Madurai Junction in Tamil Nadu is progressing swiftly, with current construction efforts focusing on the installation of roof and ground slab shuttering, as well as the removal of existing platform shelters. This project is dedicated to enhancing passenger amenities, aiming to deliver a more comfortable and efficient travel experience once completed.

More Details:

Southern Railway has taken up station redevelopment under Amrit Bharat Station Scheme as o­ne of the key areas for enhancing the infrastructure and passenger amenities at railway stations. Madurai Junction is an important railhead serving the ‘Temple Town’ Madurai known for the famed Goddess Meenakshi Amman Temple.

The station handles 96 trains per day and registers an average daily passenger footfall of more than 51,000 per day. The station attracts scores of tourists from all over India and abroad. Southern Railway has awarded the work of Redevelopment of Madurai Junction Railway Station in 2022 as Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contract at a cost of Rs. 347.47 Crores.

Scope of the Redevelopment Work:

  • Two terminals are proposed to be constructed, o­ne each at the Eastern and Western side.
  • A subway connecting Railway premises and Periyar Bus Stand, a dedicated FOB for Parcel movement, and two Skywalks connecting the Parking facilities o­n the eastern side, are also planned.
  • Approach roads are planned for better movement of passenger vehicles. Further, o­ne Skywalk (Air concourse) for arriving passengers connecting the auto and bus bays is also planned.

Multi-level Car/Two-wheeler Parking:

  • Three Multi-level Parking structures will be built, two buildings o­n the eastern side and one o­n the west with an air-concourse to facilitate segregation of arrival and departure has been planned.
  • Eastern side Multi-level Car Parking can accommodate 244 nos. of four-wheelers (Normal 215, E-cars 26, Disabled 03). Eastern side Multi-level Two-wheeler Parking can accommodate 451 nos. of two-wheelers (Normal 412, E-bikes 36, Disabled 03).  
  • Western side Multi-level Car Parking can accommodate 61 Nos. of four-wheelers. (Normal 54, E-cars 05, Disabled 02). In addition, ground level parking of 700 two wheelers in the eastern side will be created.

All Redevelopment work is to be carried out complying with the standards laid down under Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA). The station redevelopment work at Madurai station is now progressing at a steady pace. The progress of the work completed and o­ngoing work are detailed below:

Works Completed:

  • East Terminal Segment-1:
    • Ground floor slab completed
    • First floor slab completed
  • East Terminal Segment-2:
    • Laying of 299 out of 427 piles completed
    • 58 Pile caps out of 89 completed
    • Ground floor structure 25% completed
    • Mezzanine floor structure 25% completed
  • Car/Two-wheeler Parking:
    • Ground floor structure of East Side Multi-level Two Wheeler Parking (MLTP) Structure (G+3) has been completed
    • 131 Piles and 26 pile caps of East side Multi-level Car Parking (MLCP) has been completed
    • 41 out of 58 foundation pillars of West side Multi-level Car Parking completed

  • Other works completed recently:
    • Substructure work and Civil works for construction Substation building has been completed
    • In connection with revamping of steel Foot Over Bridge, 13 Nos. of staircase foundation each of PF 6 & 7 completed while 11 Nos. of staircase foundation at PF 4 & 5 completed
    • As part of Foot Over Bridge construction for Parcel movement, PF 6 footing work and plinth beam has been completed
    • As part of Subway construction, Collection chamber, lift pit and escalator foundation raft works have been completed
    • 6 Nos. of Platform footing each for PF Nos. 6 & 7 as part of Air concourse construction completed
    • Building of RPF Office has been completed

Works in Progress:

  • In connection with East Terminal Segment-1 construction, Second floor roof slab shuttering and beam reinforcement works are in progress
  • In connection with East Terminal Segment-2 construction, first floor column reinforcement works and Driveway & fore court column works are in progress
  • In connection with the construction of East side Multi-level Two-wheeler Parking, Ground Floor FF Ramp parapet wall plastering work is in progress. First floor & Second floor ceiling plastering work is in progress. Second floor to Third floor up ramp slab shuttering work is also in progress.
  • As part of East side Multi-level Car Parking, column concrete works and pile cap works are in progress
  • Plinth beam and above ground level column work is in progress as part of West side Multi-level Car Parking construction
  • Foundation excavation as part of Air concourse construction is in progress
  • Column shuttering work as part of revamping of Steel Foot Over Bridge is in progress
  • Lift wall shuttering work as part of FOB construction for Parcel movement is in progress
  • As part of Subway construction, lift pit and escalator wall work is in progress


The completion of the Madurai Station Redevelopment is poised to transform it into a world-class facility, significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the station, thereby promising an improved journey experience for all passengers.

Source: Southern Railway – Press Release | Images Credit (representational): MoR