Surat Metro Update: Tenders invited for consultancy services for Multi Modal Integration at Stations of Corridors 1 & 2

Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) has invited Open Tenders for the Consultancy Services for Development of Multi Modal Integration Plan for, Corridor-1 from Sarthana to Dream City (20 Stations) & Corridor-2 from Bhesan to Saroli (18 Stations), under Surat Metro Rail Project, Phase – I.

  • Tender No.: GMRC/MMI/SURAT/PH-01/2020
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 4.74 Crore (Excl. GST)
  • Tender Security: INR 4.74 Lakh
  • Completion period of Work: 15 months from the issuance of LOA
  • Pre- bid Meeting to be held online on: 03-07-2020 at 11:30 hrs
  • Last date and time of submission of E-Tender: 24-07-2020, 15:00 Hrs

Scope of work:

This tender is for consultancy services for Planning of Multi Modal Integration at Stations for Surat Metro Rail, Phase-1, Corridors- 1 & 2. The stretch between Kadarsha Ni Nal to Dream City of Corridor-1 is “Priority Reach” and the planning for all the ten stations in this stretch is to be taken up on priority.

  • MMI construction for short term (0-10 years) proposals shall be completed before the Metro Stations get operational for the successful functioning of Metro Rail system and a comfortable and convenience experience of the commuters.
  • MMI phasing shall be with the Phasing of Metro station, hence the main DDC for station design and MMI Consultant should have interface and coordination at each stage to integrate the MMI concept with the detailed design of metro stations. Timeline of the metro project shall also be adjusted accordingly to match with the progress of MMI implementation.
  • Interchange stations, stations with higher PHPDT, stations at major road intersections/junctions or stations near important landmarks/catchment zone such as Railway Station, Sports Complex, Stadium, Exhibition Ground, etc. can be considered as important stations for MMI implementation.
  • Metro stations have been developed to have interchange with BRTS, city services and rail. Interchange helps MMI to integrate various means of transport system under a common node. Interchange increases flexibility of movement and gives commuter option to avail multiple public transports at a common station.
  • Proposed project shall be evaluated and prioritized by Phasing into short term (0-10 years) and long term (10-20 years) proposals with justification to manage the cost implications. Phasing of MMI project should take into account the phasing of metro stations and development strategy of various parts of Surat. As per the PHPDT projections in DPR, footfall will increase gradually for initial 5 years and then every 10 years till 2046. Hence, provisions for implementation of long term proposals will be made in the MMI design and will be taken later by the civic bodies.

Outline of the Study:

The Study will be carried out in two distinct phases:-

  • Phase 1 of the Study will be a Macro/conceptual level Study to categorically differentiate all stations on Metro Line 1 and 2 of Surat Metro for MMI and identify concept level proposals based on available secondary data and limited primary surveys.
  • After the approval of proposals from all stakeholders, the phase wise implementation of proposals will be identified. The immediate implementable proposals or the short term proposals (horizon year of 0-10 years) will be taken up for implementation by the metro SPV.
  • The long term proposals (horizon year of 10-20 years) identified in the Study will be taken up for implementation by the civic authorities/local bodies.
  • Phase 2 of the Study will be a detailed Study to develop GAD drawings for the proposals which will be taken up by the implementing agency (metro SPV).
  • The other identified proposals for long term will be taken up by the civic authorities/local body as and when required for implementation.
  • Since, both phases are to be integrated in the station design, the main DDC for station design and MMI Consultant should have interface and coordination at each stage of both Phases to integrate the MMI concept with the detailed design of metro stations.

Broad Scope of Work for Phase 1:

Task 0 – Adaptation and Implementation of Approach and Methodology

Task 1 – Delineation of Study Area (“Study Area”)

Task 2 – Data Collection, Analysis and Surveys

Task 3 – Traffic Volume and Circulation Plans

Example of traffic volume plan

Task 4 – Accessibility Analysis

Task 5 – Macro level Proposal Plans for Outer Catchment Area of Metro Stations

Task 6 –Micro level Station area dispersal and Multi-modal Integration Plans

Broad Scope of Work for Phase 2 of the Study:

Task 1 – Microscopic Simulation for the Study Area and Final Version of the Study

Task 2 – Detailed Topographic Surveys, utility survey and GT investigation

Task 3 – Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings (GAD) for implementation

Task 4 – Costing of proposals

Tender document can only be obtained online from 30-06-2020 (from 11:00 hrs) to 24-07-2020 (up to 12:00 hrs) after registration of tenderer on the website .

Source: GMRC-Tender