SWR records highest Freight loading and earnings in October 2021

Freight figures continue to maintain the high momentum in terms of earnings and loading during October 2021 for SWR.

  • In October 2021, South Western Railway loading was 3.54 million tonnes which is 10.6 % higher compared to October 2020 (3.20 million tonnes).
  • During this period, South Western Railway earned Rs.337.20 crores from freight loading which is 24.56 % higher compared to the earning of October 2020 (Rs. 270.71 crores).
  • In the month of October 2021, SWR has loaded 3.54 million tonnes of freight, and earned Rs. 337.20 crores from freight transport. 
  • SWR transported 10.6 percent higher cargo than the quantity transported during October 2020. 
  • Freight earning of October 2021 is 24.56% higher compared to October 2020.

The key highlights of freight transport are as follows:

  • Loading of Iron ore registered a growth of 14.6% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 1.49 MT in October-2021 as against 1.30MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of steel registered a growth of 23.7% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.73 MT in October-2021 as against 0.59 MT in October-2020. 
  • Recently SWR became the first zone to induct newly designed BFNV wagons. 
  • These wagons will be used to transport Cold Rolled Steel Coils, from JSW Toraganallu all over the country. 
  • The unique design ensures damage free transport.
  • Loading of Raw Material to Steel Plant registered a growth of 50% Over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.15MT in October-2021 as against 0.10MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of Cement registered a growth of 14.3% Over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.08MT in October-2021 as against 0.07MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of Sugar registered a growth of 147% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.052 MT in October-2021 as against 0.021 MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of Fertilizer registered a growth of 10% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.37MT in October-2021 as against 0.41MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of Petroleum registered a growth of 466% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.17MT in October-2021 as against 0.03MT in October-2020.
  • Loading of Container registered a growth of 40% over October-2020. 
  • Loading of 0.07MTin October-2021 as against 0.05MT in October-2020.

General Manager Shri Sanjeev Kishore has lauded the performance and has stated that the high momentum will be continued to maintain supply chain of the key commodities intact.

Source- South Western Railway-Press Release | Image Credit (representational): MoR