Tenders invited for supply of Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) for Bogibeel Rail cum Road Bridge

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Northeast Frontier Railway has appointed RITES to provide Structural Health and Monitoring System (SHMS) of Bogibeel Bridge Rail‐Cum‐ Road Bridge. Following this, tenders are invited by RITES Ltd., acting for and on behalf of Northeast Frontier Railway, for the work of “Engagement of System Integrator for supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Monitoring system for Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) for Bogibeel Rail cum Road Bridge across river Brahmaputra near Dibrugarh, Assam, India.”

  • Tender Reference Number: RITES/RCED/RI/SHMS/2019/02
  • Estimated Cost of Work: INR 38.2 Crore
  • Time for Completion: 32 months
  • Pre‐Bid conference Time and Date: 10.30 Hrs on 25.08.2020
  • Bid Document Download / Sale Start Date: 18:45 Hrs. on 29.07.2020
  • Bid submission End Time and Date: 11:00 Hrs. on 18.09.2020

Scope of work:

System Integrator’s scope of work includes following activities:

1. Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Monitoring System:

Supply, installation, testing and Commissioning of various instruments along with distributed data acquisition system as per specifications complete with cabling network; from bridge to the location of the servers in the Bridge Control room building (to be constructed at south bank of Bogibeel bridge near NF railway camp office), supply and installation of the servers for data processing, storage & control system, data acquisition devices etc. and all hardware & software required for proper functioning of structural health monitoring system of the bridge as per Section 5: Technical Specifications (refer Para 1 to 5 and 7 to 9).

2. Setting Up of Structural Health Monitoring Control Room (SHMCR) in Control Room Building:

SI shall be responsible for installation of Networking and IT Equipment’s like Smart Server Racks with associated facilities like access control, additional battery back‐up, PS, Display units (Video Walls), computers, work stations, printers, rodent control system as per Section 5‐ Technical Specifications (refer Para 6) and all the infrastructure facilities essential for the proper functioning of SHMS.

3. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC):

SI shall be responsible for the maintenance of bridge monitoring system (including data center) for uninterrupted working for a period of period of 24 months, post hand over (date as notified by client) as per Section 5: Technical specifications (refer Para 9 Annual Maintenance contract). If during the AMC period any part of the system; as provided by SI; requires replacement/repair SI shall be responsible to make all necessary arrangement to fix the defects.

About Bogibeel Bridge: 

Bogibeel bridge is a 4.94 Km long (1×33.4 m + 39×125 m + 1×33.4 m) Rail‐cum‐Road Bridge consisting of a fully welded two tier steel & concrete composite Warren type truss, supporting 2 rail tracks at the bottom level along with footpath on both sides and 3 lane road on the top deck.

About the project:

Northeast Frontier Railway has appointed RITES to provide Structural Health and Monitoring System (SHMS) of Bogibeel Bridge Rail‐Cum‐ Road Bridge.

The purpose of proposed SHMS system is:

  • To measure the parameters which have an influence on the structural performance and intended service of the Bridge.
  • Assessment of factors that influence user safety.

The assignment awarded to M/s RITES ltd. is a comprehensive work related with technical design, supply, delivery, installation customization, development, testing and commissioning of the complete SHMS System, design and construction of Control Room as well as providing necessary training of the railway staff. In addition, maintenance of entire SHMS for 24 months during operations as annual maintenance period from the date of commissioning, as notified by Railway; is also included in the Scope of work.

NF Rly has divided the above work under following three items‐


Supply and installation of various instruments (as per list attached at Appendix‐1 Detailed Sensor placement of Section‐5: Technical Specification) along with distributed data acquisition systems complete with cabling network, server for data processing & control system, data acquisition devices, consoles, work stations, portable computers data link modems & drivers, etc. and all hardware required for functioning of the Structural Health Monitoring System of the bridge inclusive of all IT equipment for control room as per detailed Technical Specifications (refer Section 5 Technical Specifications). The quality, specification for equipment to be used shall be of compact design, rugged construction, easy to install and service, be vibration‐proof mounted and protected against corrosion. All sensor modules and hardware shall have a design working life of at least 05 years and the remaining SHMS infrastructure including cabling, sensor housings and fixing shall have a design working life of at least 10 years.


Construction of Control room building for SHMS at the South Bank of Bogibeel Bridge as per approved design and drawings complete with all sanitary fixtures, furniture, electrical fixtures, cooling arrangement, etc. for proper functioning of the SHMS hardware.


Design of the Global communication network system (GCNS) and Data Acquisition systems (DAS) which will include design of the sensor system, cabling network system and data acquisition units, including detailed sensor placement specification; design of Mechanical & electrical system which will include design of cable routings for GCNS and placement of cabinets for DAS and planning for the electrical power supply for the DAS; a structural health data management system custom built for the Bogibeel bridge which will provide data evaluation, provide on‐line presentation of SHMS values including warning and alarms and provide historical data including production of predefined reports. The connectivity of the SHMS with Bridge Management system shall be done by the agency with suitable software and hardware for extracting the data of SHMS through Bridge Management System of Railways.

To participate in the E‐Bid submission for RITES, it is mandatory for the Bidders to get their firms registered with E‐Procurement Portal https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app. Addendum/Corrigendum, if any, will be hosted on website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app and shall become a part of the tender document.

Source: RITES-Tender

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