TERRATEC delivers first large Raise Borer to India

The destination of the machine is India. After extensive research and analysis, TERRATEC was chosen to supply this first large Raise Borer to the Indian region. 

“This is an important milestone that the Indian mining industry has been looking forward to for many years. To see simultaneous increases in safety and productivity through the use Raise Boring Machines for the excavation of vertical ventilation shafts, it is for many a dream come true.” said Managing Director of TERRATEC India, Gulshan Gill.

  • Being the leading Tunnel Boring Machine manufacturer in India, TERRATEC is now expanding into the Raising Boring mining business in the country.
  • Manufactured at TERRATEC’s workshop in Tasmania, the TR3000C Raise Boring Machine is a highly robust piece of equipment, designed for ease of operation and maintenance, providing a high level of reliability. 
  • The unit has a nominal boring size of 3.0m in diameter and 400m in depth and has a standard pilot hole diameter of 311mm.
  • The machine has been designed in a modular form that makes disassembly of the major components, for inspection, transport or repair very easy to achieve.
  • The Derrick Configuration includes a powerful near-ground loading pipe loader that results in a very low profile in relation to drill string length. 
  • Rotation is powered by a hollow shaft hydraulic motor, affording protection to the drill string when operating at near maximum capacity, as well as unrestricted flow of flushing water through the drive train into the drill pipe.


  • Incorporated in 1990, TERRATEC is the world-renowned Australian designer and manufacturer of Tunnel Boring Machines, Raise Boring Machines and other custom-made products for tunnelling and mining applications.
  • The team includes engineers with over 40 years experience in the design and manufacture of tunneling and mining machines who have also worked on some of the world’s largest underground projects. 
  • TERRATEC is fully managed by Engineers and this gives quick and efficient solutions to meet the Customer’s expectations.
  • TERRATEC products are well-known in the industry as Robust, Durable and Safe, basic principles which must prevail in the conception of any equipment made to work in the extreme conditions encountered underground. 
  • As a provider of Total Tunnelling Solutions, TERRATEC’s scope of work extends to include operation and maintenance of boring equipment during the execution of works as well as supply of ancillary equipment.

Source: TERRATEC-Press Release