The 13th Annual City-Rail Summit

In recent years, domestic rail transit is in a stage of rapid development. With the deepening of the “Belt and Road”, the rail transit of cities along the line has also attracted the attention of enterprises in this field. With the economic development, the speed of urbanization is accelerating, resulting in an increasing scale of urban areas. In some areas, the urban system is changing in size, the urban rail transit demand is increasing, and the scope of urban rail transit planning is the extended mileage has covered most of the cities and towns, injecting new vitality into the development of urban rail transit.

Urban rail transit is no longer solely based on the development of subways. The addition of urban light rails has accelerated the pace of construction, advances in science and technology, and different types of rail transit have entered a period of parallel development, showing diversified developments and beginning to focus on rail transit and coordinated development of the urban environment. At the same time, with the continuous innovation of new generation information and communication technologies such as big data, cloud computing, wireless communication, and intelligence, how can the urban rail transit industry use technology innovation to build a “smart subway” to achieve sustainable development and become an authoritative department? The core concerns of rail transit industry suppliers.

In this context, in order to promote the construction of smart subways, enhance the multi-faceted exchanges with the world’s century-old subway companies, and explore the possibility of future development of urban rail transit and the road to innovation, the theme of this summit is “Industry Innovation, Smart and Efficient, High-quality development ‘2020 (13th) Rail Transit and Urban International Summit will be held in Shenzhen, China on May 11-12th, 2020!

The 13th Rail Transit and Urban International Summit will set up a platform for mutual communication between metro enterprises and management departments to discuss the high-quality development and innovation of urban rail transit in the context of the new era. Interactive learning, learning from each other’s strengths, sharing experiences, and jointly promoting the development of urban rail transit to a higher level.

13th Annual City-Rail Summit

Date: May, 11-12th, 2020
Venue: Shenzhen · China
Registration Link: Click here
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