Tractebel Engineering bags Consultancy contract for Integrated Re-development of Ahmedabad Railway Station

Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has issued a LOA to M/s Tractebel Engineering for providing Consultancy Services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Master  Planning, Urban Designing, Engineering & Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated Re-development of Ahmedabad Railway Station, Gujarat.

  • In September last year, RLDA floated RFP for this contract: RLDA/RFP/CT-72 of 2020 .
  • Completion of work: 195 (One Hundred Ninety Five) days

About the project:

  • Indian Railways is one of the biggest landowners in the country.
  • While the majority of the land of around 4.3 lac hectares  is  under  use  for  Railway  operations  including  tracks,  station  and  yard  structures, around 43,000 hectares lie vacant and unutilized.
  • For development of the surplus land for commercial development, RLDA (a statutory authority) was constituted in November 2006 by an amendment to the Railway Act 1989 as a separate entity under the  Ministry  of  Railways  to  undertake  all  tasks  related  to  property  development  on  railway  land under the control of the Ministry of Railways.
  • RLDA has been entrusted Ahmedabad Railway Station, Gujarat for redevelopment work vide Railway Board letter  No.  2019/SD-II/22/07/7  dated 09.08.2019.
  • The Railway Station and colony is to be redeveloped using state of art technology for giving better passenger amenities, and maximize the revenue.

Project Background:

RLDA has desired to select Consultant for Consultancy services for Feasibility Study, Detailed Master Planning, Urban Designing, Engineering & Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Integrated  Re-development of Ahmedabad Railway Stationen trusted to it by Ministry of Railways for  Commercial Development with the objective of providing state of art passenger amenities and maximizing revenue.


  • Ahmedabad  Railway  Station  comes  under  Ahmedabad  division,  Gujarat,  India.   It  is also  the  biggest  railway  station  within Gujarat. It  is  the  second-highest  income generating division in Western Railways after the Mumbai Division.
  • There are 12 nos. platforms at the station. The open space in front of Ahmedabad (ADI) Station  towards  Kalupur  side  is  more  as  compared  to Saras Pur  Side  of  Railway  Station which is the rear side of  Station. 90% of passenger movement takes place  from this Side. The main exit and entrance of Railway Station is known as Kalupur side.
  • Two  Minarets also  exists within  the  Station  Premises having  linear  distance  between them  about  700m.  The  minarets  have been declared as Heritage  structure  by  the Archaeological  survey  of  India.  The  work  of  redevelopment  of the Station  can  be  carried out  after obtaining permission  from  competent  authority  of the Archaeological  Survey  of India. The railway open space is falling between these heritage buildings. The rear side is  called the Saraspur  side  and the maximum  area  of  that  side  has  been  proposed  to  NHSRCL and MEGA Projects.

Source: RLDA-Tender Update | Image Credit (representational): IRSDC