UPMRC invites tender for commercial spaces through licensing at various metro stations of N-S corridor of Lucknow

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) Ltd. has invited open e-tenders for RFP for developing, setting up, operating and maintaining commercial spaces through licensing at various metro stations of N-S corridor of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation at Lucknow.

  • Tender Reference Number: LKPD-09
  • Name of Work: RFP for developing, setting up, operating and maintaining commercial spaces through licensing at various metro stations of N-S corridor of Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation at Lucknow.
  • License Period: 09 Years
  • EMD: INR 29,166 Thousand
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 10th December, 2022
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 10th January, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 22nd December, 2022
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 02nd January, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 10th January, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 11th January, 2023


  • Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (UPMRC) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up by the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Government of India as a joint venture. This is one of the most ambitious Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) projects of the Government which has been executed and operated well within the sanctioned budget and within an extremely compressed deadline. It has achieved the distinction of being the fastest Metro Project construction which has ever happened in this country.
  • UPMRC has successfully commenced its services on the entire North-South Corridor from CCS Airport to Munshipulia consisting of 21 Nos. Metro Stations with a total stretch length of 23 Km from 9th March 2019 in Lucknow city.
  • UPMRC has crossed the total ridership of approx. 70000 on the very first day of its complete commercial run and it is expected to rise in near future.
  • In order to fulfil its mandate to raise non-fare box revenue through value capture from its real estate etc. Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) Ltd. invites Open bid in two packet Bidding Process from eligible applicants, who fulfil qualification criteria as stipulated in Clause 9.
  • The Details of Spaces along with approximate area and Bid security is tabulated below:
S. No.Shop No.Metro StationLocationArea (approx.) (Sq. ft.)EMD (in Rs.)
Category A1: Spaces of size less than 50 Sqm/538.19 Sqft.
209-AB1-03Alambagh Bus standGround-unpaid203129600
309-DU1-02DurgapuriGround FloorCatchment24529166
409-DU1-03DurgapuriGround Floor29231562
Category A2: Spaces of size 50 sqm to 100 Sqm/ 538.19 sqft to 1076.39 sqft.
709-BA2-04Badshah NagarGround-unpaid678117158
809-BA2-05Badshah NagarGround-unpaid795137376
1009-IT2-03IT CollegeConcourse-unpaid60457535
Category A3: Spaces of size more than 100 Sqm/ 1076.39 sqft.
  • Locations of above commercial spaces offered on Metro Stations are shown in drawings attached under Annexure-1. Actual area (carpet area) shall be measured at the time of handing over of the space(s). If there is any major variation in area (i.e. more than +/- 5%), the License Fees shall be charged on a pro-rata/ actual area basis.
  • Interest free security deposit/ performance guarantee will not be readjusted if the variation in area handed over is up to (+/-) 5% else security deposit will also be readjusted according to actual area of the shop. However, such variation in area at the time of handing over of space shall in no case affect the eligibility of the selected bidder for the licensed space under consideration.


  • The tenders for this contract will be considered only from those tenderers (proprietorship firms, partnerships firms, companies, corporations) who meet requisite eligibility criteria prescribed in the clause 9 of Chapter-1 below. Joint Ventures/Consortiums are not allowed to participate in the bidding process.
  • A tenderer shall submit only one bid in the same tendering process. A tenderer who submits or participates in, more than one bid will cause all of the proposals in which the tenderer has participated to be disqualified.
  • Tenderers shall not have a conflict of interest. All Tenderers found to have a conflict of interest shall be disqualified. Tenderers shall be considered to have a conflict of interest with one or more parties in this bidding process, if:
  • Participation by a bidding firm or any of its affiliates that are either involved in the consultancy contract to which this procurement is linked; or if they are part of more than one bid in the procurement, or
  • If the bidding firm or their personnel have relationships or financial or business transactions with any official of procuring entity who are directly or indirectly related to tender or execution process of contract; or
  • Improper use of information obtained by the (prospective) bidder from the procuring entity with an intent to gain unfair advantage in the procurement process or for personal gain.
  • The Tenderer / applicant must not have been blacklisted, debarred or convicted as on the due date of submission of bid by Government of India/ State Government / C.C.I / Government undertaking.
  • The tenderer should submit an undertaking to this effect and shall submit a “Verification Statement” to this effect as per proforma placed at Annexure 11.
  • Suitable Financial/technical strength as per clause 9 of NIT and an aptitude is essential to fall in line and match with the aesthetics and standards for conduct of business demonstrated by UPMRC on its Metro stations.
  • One can bid for any single/ multiple/all spaces together offered under this tender under three categories (A1, A2 & A3)
  • The Commercial spaces offered in this tender are considered ideal for categories as mentioned in Annexure-9A of document except banned Items/ negative list given in Annexure-9B of Bid document.

Tender documents can only be obtained online on the website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app

Source: UPMRC- Tender | Image Credit (representational): UPMRC