UPMRC invites tender for design and construction of TBM tunnel and various work on corridor-2 of Kanpur MRTS project

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Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) Ltd. has invited open e-tenders for Design and construction of TBM tunnel, cut & cover tunnel, ramp after double pullia, ramps in agriculture depot for main line and depot connections and three underground metro stations (viz. Rawatpur, Kakadeo and Double Pullia) including architectural finishes etc. on corridor-2 of Kanpur MRTS project at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  • Tender Reference Number: KNPCC-11
  • Name of Work: Design and construction of TBM tunnel, cut & cover tunnel, ramp after double pullia, ramps in agriculture depot for main line and depot connections and three underground metro stations (viz. Rawatpur, Kakadeo and Double Pullia) including architectural finishes etc. on corridor-2 of Kanpur MRTS project at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Approximate cost of work: INR 1025.00 Crores
  • EMD: INR 20.50 Crores
  • Completion Period: 30 Months
  • Document Download / Sale Start Date: 07th February, 2023
  • Document Download / Sale End Date: 05th April, 2023
  • Pre Bid Meeting Date: 13th March, 2023
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 23rd March, 2023
  • Bid Submission End Date: 05th April, 2023
  • Bid Opening Date: 06th April, 2023


  • The objective of the contract is the design, construction, completion, testing and commissioning of the permanent works by the Contractor (including without  limitation, the design, construction and removal of the Temporary Works) and the rectification of defects appearing in Permanent Works in the manner and to the standards and within the time stipulated by the Contract.
  • In full recognition of this objective, and with full acceptance of the obligations, liabilities and risks which may be involved, the Contractor shall undertake the execution of the Works.


  • The design and performance of the Permanent Works shall comply with the specific core requirements contained in these Employer’s Requirements -Functional.
  • The design of the Permanent Works shall be developed in accordance with these Employer’s Requirements – Functional, the Contractor’s Technical Proposals and the other requirements of the Contract.
  • The Permanent Works shall be designed and constructed to the highest standards available using proven up-to-date good Engineering practices. The Specification shall in any case not specify standards which, in the Engineer’s opinion, are less than or inferior to those described in the Outline Design Specifications (Design Criteria) and Outline Construction Specifications contained in the Tender Documents. Construction shall be carried out employing the procedures established by the Contractor in his Quality, Safety Health and Environmental management plans.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining all necessary approvals from the relevant Public/Government/Local/Statutory or any agencies in the design and construction of the works.

Scope of Works:

  • The scope of work in brief is given below but the scope also includes all others requirements stipulated in various parts/volumes of the contract document including appendices and annexure. Entire scope of work shall be included in the lump sum price (Schedule A of BOQ) except those items which have been included in the Schedule B, C in the item 2.2 of Employer’s Requirement (Functional: Part 1 – Civil).
  • Design and construction of structural part of three underground stations namely Rawatpur, Kakadeo and Double Pulia metro stations by Cut & Cover method along with entry/ exit structures, subways and associated structures such as ancillary buildings, Utilities galleries, AC plant room, ASS rooms, TVF rooms, system rooms and all other rooms, shafts, pump houses, water tanks, diesel generator set room or enclosure etc. as shown in the tender drawings.
  • Design and Construction of Tunnel by Shield TBM, in Soil / Rock Strata from Cut & Cover Depot end to Cut and cover after Double Pulia station (as shown in the tender drawings) connecting Rawatpur, Kakadeo and Double Pulia underground metro stations including cross passages & sumps.
  • The contractor will submit the method statement of tunnelling under existing railway tracks supported by design calculations and instrumentation and monitoring scheme. Work shall be executed in accordance with the approval and terms and conditions laid by the Indian Railways.
  • Design and Construction of underground, elevated ramps and tunnels by Cut & Cover method, in Soil/Rock Strata as shown in the tender drawings. The Girders of Elevated corridors at both end of contract boundary shall rest on abutment wall of elevated ramp. The contractor shall interface with contractors of the elevator corridor.
  • The contractor shall plan launching/ retrieving shaft/s inside the station box unless otherwise shown in the General Alignment Drawings and properly integrate the tunnel structure with the proposed station. Areas available in the medical college campus shall be used only for retrieval of TBM.
  • All diversion/strengthening/protection works of the drain/nallah passing across the alignment.
  • Construction of the three underground stations/sub-ways/ramps has to be done under the existing roads by cut & cover method under busy and congested traffic conditions. The work has to be carried out without significantly affecting the traffic. Contractor shall develop appropriate construction methodology and sequence so that at any stage of construction at least 2 lanes of carriageway including footpath remain open to traffic at all times.
  • For compliance of above, the scope of work shall include all related/associated temporary works including provision of temporary steel decking over cut and cover structures under roadways to allow uninterrupted flow of traffic and construction and maintenance of temporary diversion roads and services for traffic diversion as required.
  • Diversion of chartered utilities and support of chartered as well as unchartered utilities during construction including maintenance of diverted/supported chartered utilities. Besides utilities indicated in the tender drawing, all above ground utilities infringing with the work sites shall also be considered as charted utilities. The maintenance of diverted/supported utilities shall be from the start of construction till handing over it to the concerned utility owning agency.
  • Waterproofing of all underground structures and roof of above ground structures as mentioned in section 10 of Outline construction specification.
  • Providing & Fixing Shear Connectors/key for Installation of the Rail Track in Ramp, Tunnel and Station Areas.
  • Provision of two deep tube-wells of 5-6 m3/hour yield for each station including submersible pumps of required capacity, including connecting them to main water supply pipe work including providing safe RCC channel for laying of these water supply pipes on road/ footpath with complete accessibility for easy maintenance of pipes without disturbing road/footpath.
  • Design and layout of tunnel drainage system.
  • Make provision in structures for fire detection and suppression systems and all other building services and designated contractor services.
  • Make provision for accommodating the requirements for LV and MV supply routes and cable galleries / cable ways for all the cableways at the station and in the tunnel.
  • Supply, delivery and installation, functional testing, and handover of earth mat.
  • Supply & Installation of the embedded pipes of water, sewage and drainage works as per requirement.
  • Providing and fixing of walkway shall be as per Tender Drawing no. UPMRCDESIGN-UG-ST-107, UPMRC-DESIGN-UG-ST-112, UPMRC-DESIGN-UG-ST-113, UPMRCDESIGN-UG-ST-114. Width of the walkway in the underground portion should be minimum of 600mm but should not be extended to the structural gauge with bare minimum construction clearance, say – 10/+10 mm. Extension of walkway to structural gauge in elevated portion will involve change of parapet design.
  • The surface of the walkway shall be with chequered plate without grating. Design strength of the walkway should be minimum 500kg/sqm. Railing to be provided on the tunnel wall side for hand support. Wherever there is an interchange in the walkway side i.e. from left hand side of the  train movement direction in the elevated portion to the centre portion of the tunnel ramp to rail level to be provided with the grade of 1 in 15.
  • Demolition and disposal of (above or below ground level) existing structures, roads, utilities and other services required for the work.
  • Retrieved materials obtained from demolition/dismantling of Rawatpur UPSRTC Structures except T&P, Machineries etc shall be the property of the contractor.
  • The material received from diversion of chartered/uncharted KESCO utilities shall be handed over to KESCO.
  • Survey, instrumentation, ground treatment, ground and building monitoring, risk analysis, settlement prediction, preventive and corrective actions.
  • Traffic management along the worksite including works like Road works, footpaths and other services required in connection with traffic management and maintenance during construction period. Also, reinstatement to original condition wherever Road diversion has been made outside original road which will include reconstruction of structure demolished for traffic management.
  • Providing mechanised autoclaved fly ash lime Brick works/ common burnt clay brick works/ Cement Concrete Block works/ autoclaved aerated cement block works in walls etc. as shown in the drawings. Providing screed concrete at the undercroft level as per the details shown in the tender drawings if required.
  • Reinstatement /Restoration/Relocation of any structure/services (such as street lighting, signaling system, smart city installations, bus stand, boundary wall buildings, offices and any other work) after completion of works only for the area where excavation has been done for construction of station box, entries, tunnel and original soil has been disturbed and area occupied by the contractor for construction activities. This reinstatement will be as per current standards being used by services owning agencies. Final road including footpath, kerbstone & horticulture works after completion of work shall be paid under schedule C.
  • First stage concrete to tunnel inverts including shear connectors/keys in the tunnel and station areas.
  • Underpinning and protection of existing buildings and structures wherever required. If required, evacuation and re-shifting, necessary arrangement of accommodation etc. shall be covered under scope of contract.
  • Design of foundation for fire pump chiller plant and other such equipment.
  • The contractor will be required to provide access through cut and cover tunnel and station structures from ground level to track level. The access will be for lowering rails, sleepers, vehicles and concreting for laying Track, pulling cables and installing designated contractor’s equipment in consultation with track & other system contractors. The size of the opening is to be not less than 5.0 m wide by 20 m long in tunnel structure. The openings are to be closed off by the contractor on completion of the access related works.
  • Sufficient number of dewatering systems with drainage pump arrangements shall be provided at all work sites.
  • The arrangement of temporary pumping of the seepage/sewage water etc. from the sewage/seepage sumps till the period stipulated in interface management given in Appendix-2D of Employers Requirement.
  • Providing Overhead Traction Exhaust (OTE) ducts and under platform exhaust.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining relevant certificates or clearance from local civic authorities viz. fire clearance etc.
  • The following works are to be designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by others with whom the Contractor shall co-ordinate all interface requirements at design stage and during his construction and integrated testing activities. However, making provisions for all these services including all openings/cut outs shall be in the scope of the present contract:
    • Lifts and Escalators 
    • Railway Electrification and HV power supplies 
    • Water Supply in the Tunnel 
    • Auxiliary substations upto main LT panel 
    • SCADA and UPS to some defined equipment provided by others 
    • Track work 
    • Signalling, Telecommunications, 
    • Automatic Fare Collection 
    • Rolling Stock 
    • Tunnel Ventilation 
    • Building Services including ECS, Power Supply, lighting, firefighting etc. 
    • Design, installation of TVS, ECS & MEP
  • For Fire compartmentalization, the leftover openings/ cut-outs shall have to be sealed with fire sealant to the requirements of fire safety standards & satisfaction of Engineer.
  • Designing, Providing and fixing MS hoisting hooks for lifts, Escalators, ASS rooms etc as per the requirement of designated contractor and removal of the same after the completion of work, if required.
  • Fulfilling all requirements stipulated in interface management given in Appendix-2D.
  • Providing and fixing security grills/railing on the ramp as per the details shown in tender drawings. The grills/railing shall be painted with epoxy paint and shade as per direction of the Engineer representative.
  • Alignment passes below/through nallahs/drains/Railway/Metro structure and below/adjacent to basements and foundations of buildings/religious structures/pumping stations/petrol pumps/balconies/other structures. Contractor has to take adequate strengthening measures to ensure the safety of the existing foundation of the structures.
  • The contractor should ensure that the design and construction should be carried out with adequate measures for the safety of these structures. The contractor shall make necessary arrangements to monitor the existing structure for any type of deformation. Any of the construction activity shall be  planned without affecting the operations of the existing system. Proper strengthening of the soil mass adjacent to the piers/piles may also be required to ensure proper stability of the piers/piles.
  • The alignment is passing below the existing viaduct of corridor-I between Pier no 203 & C7 Rawatpur. The Contractor has to take adequate strengthening measures to ensure safety of viaduct including foundation.
  • Wherever required GRP pipe as shown in utility drawings shall be replaced by MS pipes of same diameter as per specification and requirement of utility owning agency.
  • PEB works as per sub head A7 of volume-7.
  • Height of the barricading shall be minimum of 4m in the medical college campus.


  • Work Experience: The tenderers will be qualified only if they have successfully completed or “substantially” completed similar work(s) as a prime contractor/ member of JV during last seven years ending last day of the month previous to the month of tender Publish Date as given below):
    • At least One “similar work” of value of Rs. 820 Crores or more, or
    • Two “similar works” each of value Rs. 512.50 Crores or more, or
    • Three “similar works” each of value Rs. 410 Crores or more.
  • Similar Work/s for this contract shall be” Tunnelling work in urban environment which shall include minimum of 2.50 km of Tunnel length by Shield TBM (in case of twin tunnel each tunnel shall be counted as a separate Tunnel for calculation of length of tunnel) with finished internal dia of more than 5.0 mtr, along with or without underground station using cut & cover method which may include architectural finishing.
  • In case this work does not include any underground station by cut & cover method or the station included in the work is of less than 4500 sqm plan area, the tenderer must have executed another work of minimum one underground station of plan area not less than 4500 sqm which may include architectural finishing. In case of JV/Consortium the work of tunnel & station may be by different partners”.

Tender documents can only be obtained online on the website https://etenders.gov.in/eprocure/app

Source: UPMRC- Tender | Image Credit: (representational): UPMRC

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